Motorhome Rental / Hire Scotland is all the Rage

Motorhome Rental / Hire Scotland is all the Rage

It’s official: Motorhome and Campervan  Hire / Rental in Scotland is hip. Everyone from Jamie Oliver to Kate Moss has hopped onto the caravan of love.

Motorhome Rental / Hire is Hip in Scotland

There was a point when motorhome and Campervan hire / rental in Scotland was Motorhome Hire Scotlandconsidered to be rather unfashionable – something your parents did in the 1970s. But in the past few years, we have witnessed a motorhome campervan and caravan revolution in Scotland.

Retro Charms

Style magazine have long been revelling in the retro charms of motorhomes and caravans, and although not everyone can afford their own luxury motorhome, motorhome And Campervan hire/ rental is becoming more and more popular.

Holiday Home

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Taking your home on holiday with you round Scotland has a lot of appeal – and it isn’t just the silver pound that’s boosting motorhome hire / rental trade in Scotland.

Motorhome Rental Trends

More members have joined the Caravan Club than in its 100 year history with a record breaking 7,210 people per month signing up last year. Tourism experts put this down to a number of reasons, including:

• The security crisis at UK airport since September 11
• The raising temperatures and heat waves in the UK make it more desirable for a domestic holiday in summer months.
• The influence of high profile people who have taken up motorhome rental / hire and caravanning including Mark Owen of Take That and Lorraine Kelly.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Kate Moss and Jamie Oliver

OliverAnd although there is no doubt that the retirees love motorhome Rental/ hire and caravanning for the freedom and adventure, a new generation of enthusiasts like Kate Moss, Sean Penn and Jamie Oliver have helped give the hobby an overhaul in the image department.

Celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Ritchie opt for revamped luxury motorhomes that can cost up to £500,000. But for the rest of us, motorhome rental / hire in Scotland is an attractive alternative if you are on a more frugal budget.

Surfer dudes too

Motorhome Hire Scotland

The young surfers and travellers enjoy the flexibility and freedom of motorhome Rental / hire, as well as families and retirees. Pop star Jay Kay bought a Knaus C Liner – an ultra hip motorhome that has helped change the perception of motorhomes to a brand new audience.

Freedom of Motorhome Hire

Unlike other holidays, people are beginning to realise that you have complete freedom if you buy or hire a motorhome – without worrying about luggage or security. And now motorhomes are becoming more and more stylishly designed – some even have power showers and satellite navigation systems. Forget carry on camping – Motorhome Rental / hire is officially hip.

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