Choosing Your Hire Motorhome

How to Choose Your Hire Motorhome

Choosing a hire motorhome to Tour Scotland is not as difficult as it might seem – the best Motorhome Hire Scotlandapproach is to decide what you need then find the motorhome that offers the best match. And consider the collection area in Scotland for a round tour.

  1. First of all, decide how many berths (beds) you need – this will help narrow down your choice straight away. Most  hire motorhome hire companies in Scotland cater for anything from 2-6 people.Remember, a double bed counts as two berths. If you need a particular combination of double beds and single beds, note it down.
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  3. Next, decide how self-sufficient you would like to be. For complete self-sufficiency you will normally need:
    • Toilet
    • Shower
    • Kitchen
    • Leisure batteries
    • Gas heating (unless it is mid-summer) it can be cold some evenings even in the Summer in the north of Scotland (Remember that even if a smaller van has all these facilities, it will probably only have one gas cylinder, rather than two, and will have smaller water tanks and possibly a smaller fridge. All of this means you will have to “service” your Hire motorhome more often than with a larger model. However in Scotland most campsites will allow you to service your hire motorhome for a small fee of around £5.00
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  4. Although even relatively small campervan-type motorhomes that can be hired in Scotland may meet all the requirements for self-sufficiency, they will be more restricted when it comes to space and comfort. For example, they will often only have a single seating area which will also serve as the bed at night – meaning you have to make up the bed every evening and convert it back to seating in the morning. Another problem with the smaller, van-type motorhomes is that access to the kitchen and toilet facilities can be restricted or awkward when the bed is made up. This may or may not be an issue for you – but consider it before booking.
  5. Finally, consider how you will be using the motorhome. Are you planning on spending most of your time on a campsite and on major roads? Or are you intending to really get off the beaten track on small roads in Scotland particularly up the west you can park your hire motorhome almost anywhere overnight , stopping wherever takes your fancy?Be aware that some roads in rural areas of Scotland have width restrictions which mean that only a van-based motorhome will fit – coachbuilt motorhomes can be too wide for the smallest roads but your motorhome  hire company should make you aware of what roads are unsuitable for the area you will be travelling around..

For maximum flexibility, choose a motorhome with a gross weight under 3500kg (3.5 tonnes), as these are generally treated in the same way as a car.


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