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Tips On Buying a Used Motorhome


Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Parked up in the Highlands of Scotland

When considering purchasing a used motorhome, Consider a rental or hire first this lets you try before you buy, Many Rental / hire companies sell their fleet every year such as Scottish Tourer Motorhome hire in Perth Scotland, These companies have very well cared for motorhome which have been maintained to the hilt , as These motorhome are for hire / rental customers they need to be kept in tip top condition, These Motorhomes are normally available with around 14000 miles and are around £10000 less than the new price so this is well worth considering, Also Scottish Tourer will allow you to have a free trial before you buy one on there hire / rental motorhomes, You will also fine that The hire / rental companies motorhome are fully fitted with many extras. there are several types that can be bought at either local dealers who have physical locations or from online sites. It’s important to think carefully before investing in one these Motorhomes or Campervans.

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Wild Camping highlands of Scotland

Comparison Shop

It’s essential to comparison shop to several dealers either in person or on the Internet. People should look at prices, sales, features, warranties, and the overall condition both inside and out of the specific used motorhome they’re interested in buying. Many dealer lots will have a vast array of used motorhomes for sale and the selection can sometimes be overwhelming. But with enough time spent comparison shopping, the search can be very successful ensuring a person obtains exactly what they want at the right price.

Class A

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most expensive. They look like commercial buses in appearance and they often have the widest variety of amenities including air conditioning, color TVs, DVD players, and custom kitchens and living rooms. These can be found on the bigger used motor home lots in many geographical areas. They can be the most challenging to drive since they’re so long and wide. Choice should be made based on

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Rental motorhome on narrow road, Scotland

the desire for a larger size.

Class B

These used motorhomes resemble vans. They have short, curved hods and rounded backs. They can also be well equipped with many excellent convenience features such as microwave ovens and large, comfortable beds. They cost on the lower end of the scale of used motor homes and are quite easy to drive on most any road.

Class C

Class C used look like utility vehicles. And these tend to be the type used by Motorhome hire / Rental companies They have a large, wedge shaped hood and are quite tall, long and wide, much bigger than Class B homes. The owners are able to sleep in beds that are positioned above the driver’s cabin. These quarters can be tight so are best reserved for children and teenagers rather than adults. But these used motor homes can be a wise investment as they’re very durable and are built with heavy-duty parts.

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Hire Motorhome Driving of Ferry, Uist, Scotland

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are motor homes that are positioned into the back of pickup trucks for traveling to and from different locations. They don’t have a self propelled engine like the other types and so are cheaper than other classes of used motorhomes. They can be appealing if people don’t want to have to steer and maneuver the actual motorhome itself. Prices are excellent with these models.

Pop Ups

Used pop ups are a type of small motorhome without any engine. They’re also meant to be towed by either a truck, van or large car. They’re commonly sold by dealers as well as by online sites and are usually used by families to go camping, fishing or hunting, as they’re often set up in the woods or on dirt trails to be slept in overnight. They’re very inexpensive and are the cheapest of any used motorhomes that can be purchased.

The shapes and sizes of motohomes can be mind boggling. Why not visit our website at, and check out our new as well as used motorhomes for sale .

Motorhome Destinations in The Winter

Motorhoming In Winter

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Sunset, Skye Scotland.


Winter touring holidays or breaks appeal to so many motorhome owners for a number of reasons.

The roads are not so crowded, parking restrictions may not be so severe, wildcamping is tolerated more as many campsites are closed and crisp, winter mornings offer some of the best scenery in Scotland.

So long as your motorhome offers you the warmth and comfort that you desire then what have you got to lose! Most Hire / Rental Motorhomes are Insulated , If you want some inspiration of where to go over winter, than consider one – or all – of the following

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Camped at Beach in a Hire Motorhome, Lewis , Scotland



The Hebrides – or the Western Isles as they are also known of the west coast of Scotland – is a chain of beautifully unspoilt islands 30 miles off the North West coast of Scotland. They are a popular destination with serious motorhome owners and hire / rental motorhomes over the winter months, partly because the weather is generally mild due to a year-round current that originates in the Caribbean and also because they are easily accessible from mainland Scotland by ferry. Although the winters are mild, visitors occasionally experience some of the wildest and stormiest gales around – so take your raincoat in preparation!

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Enjoying the View from our Hire Motorhome, Scotland, West Coast.

Stay at: Sites are few and far between and don’t expect many facilities on what sites there are. Try Cnip Village Grazing Trudst Campsite, Cnip, Uig, Isle of Lewis. Tel 01851 672265. Alternatively, wild camping opportunities abound. During the summer many of our hire rental motorhomes can be seen all ove the Islands


The Lake District provides the perfect backdrop for a winter motorhome / Campervan trip. There are many walks you can enjoy whatever the length of your stay, but always ensure you’re well prepared and have the right equipment to hand. Research the walks beforehand and only tackle those you are confident of completing.

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Wild Camping, West Coast of Scotland

Some regular Lake land walkers will tell you that the National Park offers a much more handsome landscape in the winter months than it does in the summer. Why not find out for yourselves?

Stay at: Sykeside Camping Park, Brotherswater, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria. Tel: 01768 482239.



Snowdonia, known in Welsh as Eryri, offers something for everyone wanting to breathe in some fresh mountain air including forest walks, birdwatching, castles, museums, …the list is endless. There’s also a steam railway so you can take a seat and admire the crisp winter scenes from the comfort of your carriage.


Wild Camping in your Hire Motorhome

Ideas and Advice for Hire Motorhome Camping in Scotland

Tips for Wild Camping

Wild camping in a beautiful, peaceful spot can be one of the most rewarding aspects of motorhome hire / rental travel especially when in and around in Scotland.

The view from a Motorhome wild camping spot up the west coast of Scotland…

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Wild Camping , Skye, Scotland


It can also be illegal, dangerous and anti-social – it all depends on whether you apply a bit of respect, courtesy and common sense to your parking decisions.

Scottish Tourers Motorhome  Top 10 Wild Camping Tips

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

One of ou Hire Motorhomes , Camping, Scotland

  1. Don’t park your hire / rental motorhome if there is a sign prohibiting it, unless in Scotland and parking up late at night – breaking the rules just causes them to become more severely applied. Only park in places with no apparent restriction and if an overnight parking fee applies, then pay it.
  2. Leave no trace of your presence – consider even picking up some litter and binning it if there is a rubbish bin nearby. Don’t dump waste water unless there is a proper drain for it and never dump toilet waste. Don’t wild camp if you don’t have a toilet in your van. The only thing to leave is your footprints
  3. Keep everything inside your vehicle – remember, you are parking, not camping. The same restrictions apply at many European motorhome parking aires – no awnings, picnic tables, chairs, etc.
  4. Park so that you can drive out easily in the dark if necessary. Try and avoid using levelling wedges if possible – if you do, make sure you can drive off them easily in an emergency and be prepared to leave them behind.
  5. Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

    Wild Camping, Dawhinnie, Scotland

  6. Don’t stop anywhere that doesn’t feel right – most of the time, you will have no trouble, but we all know that there are places that are not safe overnight. Use your instinct and look for evidence of unsavoury night-time activities – broken glass, excessive litter, vandalism, fly tipping, etc…In Scotland particularly up the west coast you can park your hire / rental  motorhome in absolute safety
  7. Make sure you are not in anyone’s way – that includes farm tracks, driveways and blocking lorries in lay-bys. Get well off the road and out of the way of passing traffic.
  8. Stay sober – at least one person should not drink and be able to drive at anytime, if necessary. This is a good idea for practical and legal reasons – assuming you are on public land.
  9. Find your parking place in daylight – take it from me, finding a place in the dark and making sure it is suitable is not easy. Don’t be too stubborn – use a campsite if you cannot find anywhere sensible and legal. In Scotland there will be a campsite within 20 – 30 miles radius no matter where you are.
  10. Make sure you won’t get stuck if it rains overnight – check for firm ground.
  11. Don’t park up right by a campsite – they will see you as taking their business and may choose to complain about you. How would you feel if you ran a greengrocer’s shop and a van parked up outside your shop selling cut price fruit and veg?
  12. Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

    Babeque, Wild Camping , In our Motorhome

Where to Hire or Rent a Motorhome In Scotland

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

One of Our Motorhomes, Touring the Highland of Scotland

Hire / Rent a Motorhome by Scottish Tourer

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Stopped for Photo, Scotland west coast

The reasons to hire/ Rent a motorhome are many and varied, but there is something about the freedom of the open road and an almost unlimited choice of routes available that make this one of the fastest growing leisure activities the world over.

Reason run the gamut from the positive – you can go anywhere at any time to the negative – navigating the modern nightmare that is an airport is best avoided at any cost these days, but for sheer ease motorhome hire can not be beaten.

Motorhome hire / rent need not start at the front door, it is possible to spend a few days reaching the area you most want to explore and then hiring a vehicle there, whether it be the beaches of south Wales or the Highlands of Scotland. We have a a motorhome to  hire / rent wherever you wish to go.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Lunch on the Beach in our hire Motorhome, Scotland

It’s not only hiring that is eminently easy, finding a place to park for the night, or longer, couldn’t be easier, from a site with all the amenities including swimming pools, lively night time activities and internet access. For those who would prefer something a little more out of the way, secluded or just to escape the hustle and bustle of the city there are five hundred campsites in Scotland where you can lay you head, whether you want something with a view of the ocean or from a mountain retreat.

If you hire/ rent a motorhome you will find that it is so easy and offers an unlimited holiday menu, it can only be recommended highly, it’s such a different way to experience the joy of the open road that once you start it can be a very difficult habit to break.

There is no doubt that the idea of no fly holidays are going to get more and more popular as confidence in flying decreases. This explains why more and more people are choosing to hire / rent a motorhome for their holidays in Scotland.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Hire Motorhome on Ferry to Skye, Scotland

If you would like to hire / rent a motorhome, either apply online or if you are in the UK 01738580755. The motorhome hire reservation office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire

Buying a Motorhome, Rent / Hire one First

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Our Hire / rent Motorhome Scotland

Knowing what to buy or even knowing what you want to buy can be a very difficult task when considering MotorHome ownership. This is kind of like buying a house and sometimes almost as expensive. Once you buy it it?s yours and there?s no giving it back without great expense. Ever try to give your house back to the Realtor? Unless you have a special offer or special deal with your salesman they don?t take back your MotorHome if you don?t like it. If they say you can, get it in writing. Learning the ins and outs of purchasing a MotorHome can be a trying, confusing experience and you need to proceed cautiously.
There are dozens of MotorHome manufacturers out there who all claim to make the best product. To make it even more confusing, each manufacturer offers scores of models from which to choose. To determine just which MotorHome is right means you have to ask yourself several questions. For example, ?How are we going to use it—for long cross country trips, for short jaunts to the beach, as a tow vehicle for a race car?? ?How many people are going to be traveling, eating, sleeping in the MotorHome?? ?Where do we want to park—state parks, KOA campgrounds, private RV resorts?? ?How much do you want to spend??

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Camping SCotland west Coast

Despite all the problems, planning the purchase of a MotorHome can be a fun project. Probably the best place to start is with your own checklist. First determine what you want and why. If you wait to make these decisions on a dealer?s for sale lot you may find yourself pushed into purchasing a MotorHome that the salesman wants to unload, but that will not meet your needs. Go on your shopping expedition armed with as much information as you can about MotorHomes. Then use the experience to gain additional information about MotorHomes. Also, get as much literature to review as you can. Ask questions, lots of them no matter how dumb you think they sound. It?s your money you?re spending so don?t worry about it. Don?t make hasty, rash decisions no matter how good a deal looks. It will be there tomorrow or if not, there will be another somewhere else later. Take time to think things over. Talk about the pros and cons of what you are doing with your spouse, significant other, partner, and/or family. Talk to other people who own MotorHomes and find out what they like and don?t like.
One way of gaining experience about and understanding a MotorHome is to hire / rent one. Renting or hireing may sound like an expensive proposition, but look at the cost of buying one. You can rent a Class A or Class C MotorHome for a few hundred per week plus mileage. The monthly payments if you buy and finance one will be many hundreds of pounds per month, for 10-15 years. And, you may not have what you want if you buy without first checking out the market.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Our Hire Motorhome Scotland Gairloch

Rent / hire can be a pleasant experience especially if you intend to tour Scotland. You have the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to the rental coach it is the owner?s problem in most circumstances. You check and add fluids and fuel and drive as far as you like. All you have to do is pay the fee. You can also learn a lot by renting. Best of all you can learn what you like and don?t like about the coach you are renting / hireing. Then when you?re finished with it you can give it back and keep the lessons learned. Make a list of what you liked and didn?t like about the coach. Maybe the fridge was too small, or the hot water heater didn?t supply enough hot water for your crew. Were the holding talks large enough? Was the fresh water tank large enough? To test these issues you will need to use it away from the convenience of hookups. Try ?dry camping? and use the coach for a night or two without ?shore power? or dumping facilities. What was the fuel mileage? Was the engine powerful enough for your type of driving? Towing? Did you like the quality of the coach? Use this experience as a baseline for comparing what you want to what you need. Additional, renting will give you the opportunity to find out if you really like this lifestyle or not. You really would hate to make such a major investment and then discover that you?d rather be at a Holiday Inn.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camping Dalwinnie, Scotland.

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