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Why Hire a Motorhome to Tour Scotland

The primary reason for to hire a motorhome in Scotland is ‘because you can!’ If you don’t own a motorhome, hiring is an ideal way to get to know the motorhome lifestyle. Here are 5 more specific reasons why you should consider hiring:

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Breakfast West Coast of Scotland

  1. Freedom: Motorhoming is all about being able to get up and go where you want, when you want. Put this to the test by hiring one, there is no better way to prove this.
  2. Cutting your costs: Most people can’t afford to own a motorhome and even if they could, it is hard to justify the cost of ownership. Indeed, most owners find that they simply do not have enough time to spend with their motorhomes as they would like to. Motorhome hire is like a ‘Pay as You Go’ motorhome, paying for it, just when you need it.
  3. Motorhome Hire Scotland

    Lunch, South Uist, Scotland

  4. Looking for an alternative vehicle: A typical scenario is where you are an owner of a small campervan and would rather use a larger vehicle for a specific trip. Or maybe you are considering trading up to a larger vehicle, but want to test a specific model first.
  5. Specific Events: Have you ever been to car or racing events or even music festivals? If you have the chances are that you have seen many hire / rental motorhomes at these events, either used for corporate hospitality or private use. These are always a better ‘on site’ alternative than not so nearby hotel or B&B accommodation. Next time you can have your own motorhome for comfort and full enjoyment of the event.
  6. Motorhome Hire Scotland

    Hire Motorhome, Evening Isle Of Skye, Scotland

  7. An extra bedroom: Not everyone has their own ‘guest quarters’ in their home, but they would still like people to come and stay with them and enjoy their home. It is much cheaper to hire motorhomes in the ‘low season’, which means it is easy to provide an extra bedroom, complete with self contained living accommodation, by hiring a motorhome.

Understanding Motorhome Tail Swing

Understanding Motorhome Tail Swing

Scottishtourer Motorhome Hire In Perth Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camp spot, Scotland.

1. Know where your pivot point is and what it means. The pivot point is defined as the fixed point on a vehicle at which the Motorhome rotates around in a turn. On a two-axle vehicle it is the centre of the rear axle. This means that if an object, for example a tree, is located at the centre of the rear axle or behind, you can turn toward the object and not hit it. If the object is ahead of the pivot point and you turn toward it, you will hit it.

2. Have an understanding of what off-tracking is and how it affects the way your coach turns. Off-tracking is the difference between the path of the front wheels and the rear wheels, during the course of a turn. You really don’t need to know how much your coach off-tracks; you just need to know what it is and how it affects the way your coach turns.

What is beneficial is to establish what I call “turn offsets.” A turn offset is the distance that your coach will travel forward during a turn, in relationship to how far away you were from an object when you started the turn. It basically shows you how your coach turns. To establish your turn offsets, park your coach parallel to a line and 1 foot away (you can do this in a parking lot). Then mark the line adjacent to your pivot point. Now, turn the wheels full lock, or as far as they will turn in the direction of the line, and move forward until the pivot point you established on the coach intersects with the line. Measure the distance you have travelled from the starting mark that you put on the line, to the pivot point. This is your turn offset from 1 foot away.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Camping on Beach, Lewis , Scotland

It doesn’t hurt to take these measurements turning both left and right. This gives you an opportunity to see what it looks like in the mirrors, and not all vehicles turn the same in both directions. Repeat this exercise at two-, three-, and four-feet intervals from a parallel line. If you tow something behind your motorhome it’s a good idea to take it with you when you try this, to see where the towed vehicle crosses the line. Then you know what to expect when towing a vehicle.

3. Find out what your tail swing is. Tail swing is the distance that the body of the coach behind the pivot point moves in the opposite direction of the front when you turn. To establish what your tail swing is, stop your motorhome with the side of it parked along a straight line. Then, make a full lock turn away from the line and have someone measure the maximum swing as you turn. When we were filming, my motorhome had a tail swing of 18 inches, but another coach we tested had 30 inches of tail swing. In general, a newer motorhome chassis will turn more sharply, which equates to more tail swing.

4. After you have your turn offset and tail swing information you will know exactly what you need to do to properly setup for a maneuver. The setup is the most important part of any maneuver. Setup is how you position your motorhome to start a maneuver after taking all these other factors into consideration. By setting up farther away from the obstruction and starting to turn earlier, you would be able to turn into a much smaller lane or opening. Also, by knowing your tail swing you know at least how far to be from a wall or other objects before you start your turn. In traffic you will need to allow space in the lane on the opposite side from the direction that you are turning, for your tail to swing into. Something that really needs to be stressed here is don’t force a turn. If there is not enough room to make the maneuver, stop and wait for traffic to clear to complete your turn. And if it doesn’t look like there is enough room to make the maneuver, don’t do it!

5. Proper mirror adjustment is an important element to improving your driving skills. Approximately 30 percent of the hazards you will encounter come from the rear, so getting the maximum viewing area from your mirrors is critical. If you have the type of mirrors that extend out in front of your motorhome on long arms, make sure the inside edge of the mirror is flush with the side of the coach. When we were filming, we found that the majority of motorhomes with mirrors of this type were not set correctly.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Narrow road for motorhome, Scotland.

The best way to check the mirrors is to stand in front of your coach and sight down the side. The inside of the mirror head should look like it is just touching the side of the coach. Having the mirror flush with the side of the coach gives you the best overall view. Some motorhomes taper in on the front and can give you a false setting, so make sure you are looking down the side. On the passenger side you should set the mirror flush with the outside of the awning arms. If the mirror is too far in or out, you are losing valuable viewing area. Adjust the flat part of the mirror so you can just see the side of your coach along the inside edge and so you are looking back level with the ground about one-fourth of the way from the top of the mirror. You really don’t need to see a lot of sky.

6. Establish reference points. In a car you have a hood in front of you to use as a sight, but in a motorhome you have very little in front of you to assist in staying on course. While you are at the parking lot to establish your turn data, park the motorhome with the driver’s side of the coach on a long line and see where that line intersects the bottom of the windshield. If there is no specific reference point, mark that spot with a piece of tape or other type of marker. Then move the coach, so the line is on the passenger side, and mark the windshield the same way. This will give you your limits. These marks will give your subconscious some help to stay centred in your lane and maintain a straight course. You should also note where your windshield marks or any reference points you have established on the dash are when centred on an average-width roadway.

7. Make sure other adults who travel with you are capable and confident in driving the motorhome, too. It’s better to share the driving duties or, at a minimum, have the ability to drive if the need presents itself. , Have motorhomes available to hire or rent in Scotland

Motorhome Hire in August

Motorhome Hire in August

Motorhome Hire Scotland

South Uist , Scotland overlooking Atlantic

It is fair to say that we are right in the middle of our busiest period of the year for motorhome hire / rental. This is the time of year when people are thinking about exploring the beauty of Scotland, heading off abroad and generally having a great time.  However recent unrest in London and other large UK cities may be causing you some concern about your holiday, so let’s mention just a few points.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Stopped for lunch, West coast of Scotland.

  • If you are going to drive your own car to your motorhome hire / rental pick up point, you can be sure that your motorhome will be left in good secure parking where it will be safe and sound.
  • Unlike travellers relying on public transport to get to airports etc. you won’t be subject to any delays caused by cancellations.
  • Similarly to the above, motorhome hire / rent customers arriving by air to Scotland can be met at the airport and taken to their motorhome without relying on any public transport.
  • If you work in a large city such as London, you may well be better out it for the moment.
  • Motorhome Hire Scotland

    Our Hire Motorhome on the Ferry, Scotland.

Scottish Tourer has a large fleet of  new motorhomes for hire in the Scotland, so even now in August you can still hire a motorhome – call 01738 580755 now to book your motorhome hire / rental in Scotland.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

View to beach, Harris west coast of Scotland.

Why Hire A Motorhome?

Why Hire A Motorhome?

A Hire / Rental Motorhome is a great way to go on holiday especially in Scotland – combining the freedom of camping with the home comforts of a caravan. They are surprisingly easy to drive and can be very luxurious.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Touring Near Gairloch

The downside is that they are not cheap to buy – especially if you will only use them once or twice a year.

This is why motorhome hire / rental works so well – you get all the benefits of your own motorhome, without any of the responsibility. You don’t have to find a place to park it when you are not using it, you don’t have to pay for its maintenance and you don’t have to insure it!

In addition, renting or  hire a motorhome allows you to try out different types of motorhome to see which suits you best. Do you want the compact convenience of a hightop van, or do you really appreciate the space and comfort of a larger coachbuilt?

Want to take some friends’ children or your grandchildren away? Just hire a bigger motorhome than usual.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Parked up for the evening on west coast of Scotland

Aren’t They Complex and Difficult To Drive?

Hiring a motorhome can be intimidating – many people worry that they will have problems working out how to use everything, or that they might be difficult to drive.

The reality is that neither of these usually causes a problem – all reputable motorhome hire companies will show you how everything works before you set off and an averagely experienced driver should have no problems driving most motorhomes. All that is needed is a little extra care.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camping on Isle Of Skye Scotland ,

Still Unsure?

If you have any questions left, they have probably been asked before and the answers may well be on our Common Questions or Motorhome Jargon pages. Motorhomes might seem a bit overwhelming to start with, but once you get going, you will love the freedom and flexibility they provide:

  • Stop anywhere for a break, meal or to rest
  • Travel in the front or rear compartments
  • Have your own kitchen and bathroom
  • No towing required
  • No setup required on a campsite – just plug in the electric hookup and turn on the gas and you are ready to relax, cook a meal or have a hot shower!
  • Motorhome Hire Scotland

    Barbeque wild camp near Dalwhinnie Scotland

    Motorhome Hire Scotland

    Steak from Scotland on our Barbeque

Motorhome Hire / Rental will provide a great lifestyle and are popular with people all over the world. Whether you fancy a cosy weekend in the wilds or luxurious long-term touring, there is a motorhome for you. Call Scottish tourer on 01738 580755 or visit,

Motorhomes have been extremely popular in the UK for decade

Motorhomes have been extremely popular in the UK for decades. There has been a growing market in Scotland for motorhome hire / rental in the past few years, There are several different types as well as different factors to consider when in the market to purchase one.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Cost depends on several elements. Buying new will almost always cost a person more than buying a used motorhome. Also, the different types of motorhomes relate to how much it’s going to cost. Motorhomes come in Class A, B, C, fifth wheel, and pop up varieties. The most expensive motorhomes are the biggest ones with the most features and convenience. A person has to set a budget and an upper limit price that he’s willing to pay before he decides to go shopping for a motorhome. It’s similar to buying a car. Just keep a fixed price in mind and don’t go over it for the best long term deal. It may be best to hire a motorhome first to try before you buy

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Size and Room

The biggest motorhomes are the longest, the widest and the tallest. They also have the most room. But not every motor home buyer requires this amount of room. Smaller sizes in the different classes are definitely available. Class B and C and the pop ups are much smaller than the huge Class A motorhomes. But some owners delight in having a motorhome that’s tantamount to a second, primary home. They crave the room that can be found in a Class A. So it all depends on how comfortable a person is with living in small, medium or large living quarters.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


The easiest motorhomes to drive are the smaller ones. These include the Class B and C. Class A motorhomes are like driving a tractor trailer at first for the beginner. This is not to say that they can’t be mastered eventually but in the beginning, driving will be difficult. Maneuverability including parking also has to be taken into consideration. Larger ones are harder to manipulate and navigate on narrow, winding roads. Pop ups and fifth wheels have no engines so driving them is contingent on how well a person can handle the towing vehicle that pulls them along.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Storage Factor

It’s definitely important to consider exactly where the motorhome is going to be stored when initially considering buying one. Most people don’t have large enough driveways or yards to store the biggest motorhomes and it can be costly to pay to rent space in a trailer park just for storage and not actually living there. This decision should be carefully thought out. If it looks too big to efficiently store in at one’s home, then maybe a smaller size should be purchased.

Dealer or Private Party

Another important decision is whether to purchase the motorhome from a commercial dealer or a private party cosider buying from a motorhome hire / rental company. Both can be either reputable or unscrupulous depending on their past reputations and the condition of the specific motorhome. So perform some due diligence here by completely checking out the dealership or by asking as many pertinent questions as possible to the individual party concerning why he’s selling it and exactly what’s wrong with it, if anything, to be on the safe side.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Scottish Tourer have a number of motorhomes for hire and also offer complete range of new as well as used motorhomes for sale.