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Camping and Motorhome Hire in Scotland

The Office for National Statistics show that a total of 5.43 million camping trips were made last year, an increase of 29% on the year before, and is proving to be one of the most popular British holidays, and for the first time overtaking bed and breakfasts, Especially in Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Camping / Motorhome hire holidays seem to be a popular option in Scotland and for the environment and the budget conscious holidaymaker. Families taking a camping holiday enjoy the get back to nature experience, and it also proves to be a ‘bonding’ for families on the annual get-a-way.

Camping / Motorhome hire tick all the boxes and are inherently sociable. Furthermore large department stores in the UK have seen a huge turnover in terms of camping equipment which has showed a massive increase, even to the extent of appearing on wedding gift lists.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Camping / Motorhome hire is the oldest way of staying somewhere, after cave-dwelling, way back in time. Camping has always been enjoyed over the years and in some way put us in touch with our primitive past, there is little doubt camping brings us much closer to nature, feeling the weather and smells of nature and the fantastic wild remote places in the highlands of Scotland.

Camping / Motorhome hire are a great way of removing stress and many think this is the ideal break for the whole family, a great way to recharge the batteries, and the benefits for the children are huge, away from television and their gaming console, introducing them to the countryside and animals, can only be good for them Scotland is especially good for wild camping in your hire Motorhome due to the remote places available..

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Many people will take a Camping / Motorhome hire holiday because it is not so hard on their pockets as compared to a holiday abroad, it offers the chance to explore places right on our own doorsteps that have not been considered before. Camping opens up all manner of new horizons and it is possible to spend year after year camping and not see all of the many campsites the UK has to offer.

A popular tourist destination in the Highlands of Scotland, Scotland has the best wild scenery in the UK offers gorgeous beaches, seaside resorts, rolling countryside, Mountains endless attractions and activities all of which ensure a holiday in this area is worthwhile for all the family.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

With several accommodation options available campsites in Scotland are proving the number one option for motorhomes, and of course camping is the best way to explore the area, also camping gives one the sense of freedom, with your own itinerary, no restrictions of meal times and house rules in a bed and breakfast facility.

A Camping / Motorhome hire was once deemed an uncomfortable way of spending a few days away but not any more. It has proved it is a popular British holiday and with campsites offering so much, is it any wonder?

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome Driving Tips for your hire / rental Motorhome

Motorhome Driving Tips for your hire / rental Motorhome 


Driving With A Motor Home

Motorhome Hire Scotland

The motor home is larger, taller and heavier than the average vehicle. Usually when you hire or rent a Motorhome, you do not need to have a special license, but you certainly need to be

much more careful while driving especially on the narrow roads in the highland of Scotland.



* Always keep speed limits.
* Never exceed 60 km/h on unsealed or gravel roads.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Height limitations

Remember your height limitations. The motorhome is always higher than you think

it is, The Motorhome / rental hire company should have the height clearly displayed, because of the cab over area and air condition box.

Be careful and keep the road signs while entering tunnels, under bridges,

underground parking area, and other low height spaces.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Weight Limitations

Overweight causes all kinds of problems such as getting out of control or even breakdown. That is why you have to keep the maximum weight permitted.


Backing Up / Parking

Backing up with a motorhome is one of the most common reasons for collisions

and accidents. That is why it should be done very carefully. Many people loose their deposits from the Motorhome rental / hire company due to this.
Because of the length of the motorhome, it is rather difficult to see the whole coach.

Rear and side mirrors are not always very helpful to indicate the situation behind you.


* Never back up without someone to assist you. Ask one of the other

passengers to get off the vehicle and guide you from the outside.
* Leave enough room in front of your motorhome incase you need to drive forward, especially if you are towed to another vehicle.
* Backing up while parking in a campground also requires guidance and direction, because the driver can�t always see what�s behind.


Passing Another Vehicle

Passing another vehicle must be done very carefully since you can not estimate

your own length. Never pass on the right. Use signals to show your intentions and

always accelerate until you finish passing.



Use your mirrors regularly to see what is going on behind you and on your sides.

The mirror on the driver side is always more reliable than the other side mirror. Be sure to set your mirrors before leaving the motorhome hire / rental companies premises

Motorhome Hire Scotland



Since the motorhome is a heavy and large vehicle, it takes it more time to slow

down or accelerate. Avoid sudden stopping by changing gears gently and graduate.

Slow down when entering busy traffic, and make sure you have enough time to stop.


Roads And Highways

Drive in the appropriate lane of the road. Usually in 4 lanes highway, the two right 

lanes are for heavy vehicles and trucks. Drive the motorhome on the right lane of the road, and let

faster vehicles to pass you.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Heavy Vehicles

If there is a truck or another motorhome in front of you, keep safety distance from it

of at least 5 seconds. Keep away from driving side by side with him because he is blocking you sight area.


Motorhome Driving Tips – In Cities

Entering a big city is never pleasant. The traffic is very busy and slow, driving

makes you stress, and finding a parking area is really a problem
* Try to avoid the “Rush Hours” traffic by planning your time schedule.
* Use detailed map of the city. GPS Navigation system is very helpful if you have it.


Motorhome Driving Tips – at Night

Driving at night is not recommended for inexperienced motorhome –drivers especially those who have recently collected the motorhome from the hire / rental company.
* Bumping into stray animals at night is very dangerous, especially in wild life areas, but also in regular roads.
* Parking on the side of the road is very dangerous, especially at night. If for any

reason you need to do it, make sure other drivers can see you, by turning on the

hazard lights.


Hard Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can be unpredictable. Avoid driving in fog, heavy rain, ice, snow

or dust storm. Ice or wet roads can be very slippery and dangerous and need special driving skills. Be aware of crosswinds. Wind suddenly blowing against the side your motorhome may cause a sudden swerve into another lane. In every situation of bad visibility conditions, slow down to minimum and drive very carefully on the right side

of the road. If you are planning to travel on winter, make sure you rent snow chains

or special wheels.


Hazard Lights

In case you are forced to stop on the road, like for example while the road is being

under constructions, turn on your hazard lights to warn the vehicle behind you.


Again please ensure the Motorhome hire / rental company gives you full instructions about driving the motorhome in the country / area you are camping in.





We use the onboard Motorhome water tank for all our water for drinking and washing unless it acquires an unpleasant taste when we will fill a small container directly from a drinking water tap (eau potable) or very occasionally purchase bottled water which is a lot cheaper abroad then in the UK however when in Scotland this is niot a problem .

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Some people use a hosepipe to fill their Motorhome onboard water tanks. Scottish Tourer recommend a short 5 metre length of 13mm bore food quality plastic tubing that can be obtained from an Aquatics shop but more often than not refill the tank using two water containers a 10 litre rigid one that fits in the passenger door footwell and a collapsible 15 litre container. I usually replace this at the start of each year and use last years as a waste grey water container. It is easier to carry two smaller containers from the water tap than struggle with an unbalanced larger one!  For the two of us I usually top up our 45 litre on-board tank in the evening and just before we set off the next morning and get a bit of exercise!  (link to our water filling ) In Scotland there are many place to fill the fresh water tank of your hire / rental  Motorhome

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Obviously if you have large capacity tank it will be easier to fill it at the service point but we have sometimes queued for a very long time while other motorhomers fill their tanks and drain their grey waste.


This is the water collected in a tank from the kitchen sink, bathroom basin and shower tray. If left for a while it can become rather smelly so empty the tank frequently especially in hot weather and avoid letting food particles down the plughole when washing up. Many motorhomes don’t have a U-bend trap in the drain hoses allowing odours to get back into the van. Also due to the low level of  the shower waste points, if the underslung waste tank is nearly full the grey water can flow back into the shower tray when driving around (the plugs never seem to stay in place)!

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Sometimes there is a suitable drain or grille at the service point hopefully well designed with a long trough sunken below the ground level but often careful positioning of the Motorhome to align the drain hose is required. It would help if site owners painted a white line on the road to indicate the fore and aft position of the drain!


If moving on from day to day we generally empty the cassette and top up with fresh water whenever there is an opportunity and the service point is to an acceptable standard. From experience it can be an avoidable problem if the waste tank is full to brimming and  . . . .!)

There are various options for fluids to use in your cassette toilet.

Thetford Aqua-Kem fluids are available throughout Europe and Scotland and are fitted to most Motorhome  hire / rental companies Motorhomes. The blue fluid for the holding tank is not allowed to be disposed of at some waste points which can be a problem if you’ve been travelling and need to empty a cassette that’s been charged with blue fluid!
Motorhome Hire Scotland
Originally the normal toilet fluids contained formaldehyde which can cause damage to the processes in septic tanks and natural sewage systems. Genuine Thetford Aqua-Kem has not contained formaldehyde for several years but several other brands of blue fluids still contain this chemical. The green versions of toilet fluids are considered safe for all waste drainage systems however we have found that they are not so effective and mask the contents of the waste tank rather than break it down.

There are new fluids now available for the Motorhome hire company that use an aerobic (needing oxygen) biological reaction to break down the waste into a product that can be safely disposed into any sewage system drains. The most well known one in the UK is Biomagic which is available at motorhome shows and by mail order. A small amount of the concentrate needs to be added to the waste holding tank regularly We have tried this and found that in hotter weather it needs to be dosed each day and the cassette emptied more frequently. Also it is essential that the cassette of the motorhome  is thoroughly cleaned and any residues of blue fluid removed before changing over to this fluid otherwise the biological reaction is “killed”. Other brands of biological toilet fluids are now becoming more available. This fluid can also be used in the flush water tank (where fitted as a separate tank).

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Another alternative favoured by some users is the SOG system which does not require the addition of any fluids. The waste holding tank is modified to provide an extraction fan which draws air into the tank increasing the aerobic breakdown of the waste materials. However some users and others standing nearby! have found that emptying the untreated waste is a smelly and unpleasant experience. Also the fan is meant to have a carbon odour removal filter in its outlet which has been to be replaced (similar to cooker hood filter materials) otherwise aromas can waft to nearby motorhomes or even into your own awning if on the same side as the cassette service door!

Motorhome Hire Scotland

The flush fluid tank which is separate from the fresh water tank on most toilet installations in a motorhome can have a (usually) pink fluid added which is perfumed and contains detergents to “lubricate” the bowl surfaces when the toilet is in use.

The toilet waste disposal point on campsites is sometimes labelled with the words Chemi WC or Kemi — and may be a properly constructed drain with water tap for flushing out the cassette of the motorhome hire.

We have occasionally had to empty the cassette discretely into the toilet (WC) – Always take some paper towel and some water in a container to clean up any splashes or spillages.

NEVER GO ANYWHERE NEAR A FRESH OR DRINKING WATER TAP with any part of your cassette. Unfortunately you may see other motorcaravanners / motorhome owners not exercising the same level of hygiene standards. At some basic aires there may be only one tap. Some people use disinfectant wipes to clean the tap and handle before using it.

Once the cassette is emptied you should add a couple of litres of clean water into it with the new charge of toilet fluid before fitting back into the motorhome.

Motorhome hire or Campervan Hire ?

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Flicking through the pages of statistics for this site, we can see that 30% of the visitors are looking for campervan hire in Scotland, The other 70% are looking for Motorhome Hire / rental Scotland which is great news because that is what we have here, lots and lots of motorhomes to hire. But hang on a minute, what is the difference between a campervan hire and a motorhome hire?

There are some subtle differences between a campervan and a motorhome but here we Motorhome Hire Scotlandtend to use both terms when people ask about campervan hire. Generally we consider campervan and motorhome are interchangable terms as they both refer to vehicles which provide transport and accommodation in one. Here is the more official version…

A Motorhome is a motor vehicle built on a van or bus chassis and designed to serve as self contained living areas for recreational travel. There is normally a divide between the cab and the living areas behind, which contain sleeping space, washroom and kitchen facilities.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhomes which we often think could definitely not be called campervans are the more luxurious vehicles such as the Carioca 656 and the Rollerteam 707, Carioca 707.

A Campervan is a van equipped as a self-contained travelling home, they are normally smaller than a motorhome. There is generally no divide between the cab and the living area. It has basic facilities for cooking, washing, and sleeping. A nice example of what we would tend to call a campervan is the Trigano Tribute range, which drive just like a car and provide everything you will ever need for a couple.

So that’s the definitions sorted out, all you need to do now is call us up on 01738 580755 or apply for your campervan hire online at

Motorhome Hire Scotland