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Motorhome Buying Considerations

Motorhome Buying Considerations

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Budget “how much does a motorhome cost?”
Consider both the purchase price and running costs. As prices range from £1,000 to over £1,000,000 it is easy to become carried away, and you will probably find you need to spend more than you originally thought. Factor in insurance, servicing and recovery charges as well as fuel economy. Don’t forget your add ons and extras (chapter 4).


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Check the overall condition of the motorhome including; chassis/underneath, engine and mileage. Check the seals and trims on the outside for cracks, sun damage, knocks and scrapes. Inside the motorhome check carpets, cupboards, handles and upholstery, be aware of any personalisation.

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Damp in older motorhomes can be a problem and must be checked for, but can normally be cured. Motorhomes suffering damp have a distinctive smell, mildew in cupboards is a sign but an inexpensive damp metre is worth having. Motorhome floors can de-laminate giving a bouncy feeling, again this can be cured. Wear and tear should be in line with the age of the motorhome. Ensure, by testing, that all gas/electrical parts are working. An older motorhome in excellent condition may be preferable to a younger one in poor condition.

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We usually have around six Relatively new Motorhomes available for sale typically up to 8 months old, These are all in mint condition and usually around £8000 less than dealer price, They are still under the manufacturers warranty and range from £28000 to 35000 depending on age and mileage , Visit us at

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Buying a New Motorhome?
If your about to spend £30’000 plus on a new motorhome, we have one piece of advice spend £12 and buy Go Motorhoming Europe, the odds are 3000 to 1 hardly a risky gamble.




Motorhome living accommodation Compromise is the only word that explains the situation. Thousands of motorhome layouts have been designed and continue to evolve, but there is no easy way to squeeze a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, lounge and bedrooms into a motorhome, so try not to be too ridged, as none of them will be perfect.

Bathroom – Not all motorhomes have a separate shower or a toilet, those who can rough it will survive without, but in reality this is inadequate.

Bedroom/sleeping – Poor sleep can be a big problem when away in your motorhome, roughing it for a week can be fun, but after a month you may not be laughing.

Kitchens – Can be cramped so ensure there is enough space to prepare a meal, but as with bathrooms they only need to be just big enough.

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The above are likely to be your first considerations when buying a motorhome, however Go Motorhoming Europe unravels all the other considerations you need to know to ensure you buy a safe, legal and manageable motorhome.

Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM)

  Maximum Vehicle Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), and Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) all refer to the legal maximum loaded weight including all occupants of a motorhome. Converters of motor caravans can have the vehicle weight re-assigned both up and down. The MTPLM should not be confused with the Gross Train Weight (GTW) a higher figure that specifies the maximum combined weight of the motorhome when towing a trailer.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to understand payload, and we make reference to it throughout the book. Payload refers to the leftover weight between an empty motorhome (as calculated by manufacturers) and fully loaded to its specified MTPLM. We believe the payload should be sufficient in normal use to prevent you exceeding the MTPLM. Unfortunately this is not as straightforward as it seems as motorhome manufacturers include or exclude different items into the empty weight that is known as Mass In Running Order (MIRO).

Mass In Running Order (MIRO)
MIRO refers to the entire manufactured weight of a motorhome and the equipment required to operate and in the case of motorhomes includes ‘essential habitation equipment ‘. Currently each manufacturer interprets the regulations differently. Therefore motorhomes bought before harmonization due July 2011 and then subsequently second-hand may have different MIRO and payload calculations. (This is a big subject and is vital to understand. We have produced a detailed chart of 70 motorhomes out of the 1000+ 2005 & 2006 new motorhomes you could buy that will provide you with sufficient payload).

Thinking of Hiring or Buying a motorhome

Regardless of if  you are hiring a motorhome for a weekend break or thinking about buying your own motorhome, there are some things you should think about. You need to be happy and comfortable with the size of the motorhome you are driving. If you intend to be in your motorhome for more than just sleeping and the odd meal,  you need to make sure that the living and sleeping space is not too cramped for the number of people sharing the precious space.

Here are a couple of points you should think about:

  • How comfortable are you when you are sleeping? For example.. you need to consider whether you will be comfortable with an overcab bed
  • Small motorhomes will have only limited storage space; not so good if you plan to take your motorhome away for lengthy periods
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Although motorhomes are easy to drive, a large vehicle might be intimidating for some drivers. In some areas of Britain country lanes can be extremely narrow and may be very difficult for motorhomes. So do think about the kind of roads you are intending to drive on.

The level of equipment provided in hire / rental motorhomes varies massively and it really is just down to personal preference. Some people will prefer to pitch at sites that have excellent facilities including a restaurant and shower facilities, while others will crave the freedom of wild camping and being totally self sufficient.

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Most modern motorhomes come with a high level of home comforts, so there’s no need to rough it at all. Having an oven, fridge, television, sound system, shower, toilet, blown-air heating and fitted fresh and waste water tanks are all standard features in the modern motorhome.

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Motorhome Hire Holiday in Scotland


Motorhome Hire Scotland

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Let your holiday run free by getting your own hotel on wheels. Motorhome hire in the UK has never been easier; there are hundreds of models to choose from in many locations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Maybe you like in the UK already, in which case, you do not have far to travel before you can get behind the wheel of a motorhome. If you’re travelling to the UK from overseas then you have a whole host of options. Flying into the UK is easy and there are so many budget airlines today that securing a cheap deal is easier than ever before. Watch out for those nasty extra charges though. Some airlines, without naming names, add on lots of extra charges for baggage and insurance which may not always be obvious when you make an online booking. Make you read all information clearly. As a rule: if it’s not legit, don’t double-click! Motorhome hire makes it easy for you to travel light: everything is included in the motorhome for you already. All cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment (just think about the three c’s!) are included as standard with all vehicles. Whether it’s a quick sandwich or an elaborate meal, you will not even need to bring a tin opener with you. Bedding and towels can also be provided, for a small cost that covers the laundering of these items once you have vacated the motorhome. Would you consider taking your own bedding to a hotel? No! Although, at times, bringing your favourite pillow can be a blessing. But as a general rule, bedding and towels has come to be expected in hotels. UK residents can save a little extra cash by bringing their own bedding to the motorhome hire. Overseas customers can also save cash on baggage charges by hiring bedding and towel packs upon arrival. It’s best to request these items in advance to ensure there are supplies ready for you when it comes to beginning your vacation.

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If you’re taking a motorhome hire holiday in the summer, you will need to pack some summer essentials. If you’re travelling to the UK from overseas, you can still travel light and buy your toiletries and other items when you arrive. UK supermarkets usually offer some of the best deals so you can get your sun cream when you go for your first motorhome hire shop. It’s usually easy to park in a supermarket car park; these areas are often large and outside major towns and cities, making them accessible to motorhomes that are far larger than standard cars. Get a passenger to help you park, especially if you need to reverse. Taking the time to get to know how a motorhome needs to be driven will make all the difference and allow for you to have a hassle-free and enjoyable motorhome hire holiday.

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