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Licence Restrictions on Hire Motorhomes

Motorhome Hire – Age, Mileage & Driving Licence Guidelines

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Hire Motorhome

While the exact terms and conditions of Motorhome  rental / hire companies  will vary between different vehicles and rental offices, the following information will apply in most cases.

Age:Usually 25-70

Mileage Restrictions: Check with your Scotland Hire /Rental company some operation unlimited mileage others don’t, we at Scottish tourer allow unlimited mileage when travelling in Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Interior of one of our hire Motorhomes

Overseas Use: Most Scotland motorhome hire rental companies allow their vehicles to be taken into mainland Europe. This normally requires prior arrangement, may require an additional deposit or daily fee and is almost always restricted to Western Europe.

Your Motorhome hire / rental company may also assist with any ferry bookings required.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Cab Area in one of our hire motorhomes

Driving Licence requirements: Most hire / Rental motorhomes have a maximum gross weight of 3.5 tonnes or less. All such motorhomes can be driven with a standard UK car (category B) licence – or its international equivalent (drivers from outside the EU will require an International Driving Licence).

A few of the larger  motorhomes have a maximum permitted weight of between 3.5t and 7.5t – these require a UK category C1 driving licence. UK drivers who passed their test before 01/01/1997 will automatically have this entitlement; drivers who passed their car test after 01/01/1997 do not have C1 entitlement and must take a separate test to drive vehicles in this category. Very few rental / hire motorhomes fall into this category and those that do are normally clearly indicated in hire quotations.

For official information contact the DVLA regarding driving motorhomes in Scotland and UK & UK driving licences,

Motorhome Hire Scotland

wash room in one of our hire motorhomes

Other Information: As with most hire vehicles, the hire / Rental motorhome available are provided fully-serviced, with full fuel tanks, empty waste tanks and clean and functional appliances.

hirers are normally expected to return motorhomes in a similar condition and any failure to do this may incur penalty charges. For exact details of what is required, click on the “Terms & conditions” link on each website.



Why Hire / Rent a Motorhome to Tour Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

West Coast of Scotland

If you don’t already own a motorhome, hire / rent is an ideal way to get to know the motorhome lifestyle. You can tour the picturesque and dramatic countryside of Scotland in total comfort and at your own pace. You can stop at breathtaking panoramic vantage points for a relaxing picnic or to take a stroll and some photographs. You can  discover and explore places of natural beauty that only Scotland can offer, and explore thje Islands of Scotland or further afield at your leisure. You can park up for the night overlooking the coast or nestled in the hills and mountains. When travelling you can stop for a tea/coffee or even a toilet break at your own convenience. You can enjoy the freedom of camping without all the hassles that come with it!

Here are some more reasons why motorhome hire rental is the way to go:

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Parked next to Loch Scotland

1. Freedom
Get up and go when and where you want. Use your motorhome rental / hire Motorhome to see some of the more remote areas of  Scotland or stop over at any of the recommended or approved sites around the country. Park up with a fantastic view of the mountains and enjoy a few days of peace and quiet… Utopia!

2. Convenience
A motorhome can be parked up and lived in almost anywhere. You can drive your luxury holiday home to a fantastic beach or to the top of a mountain range and then park up and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You don’t have to find and book hotels before you go. You don’t have to come up with a schedule for when you need to arrive and depart a particular stopover. You are free to leave if you change your mind whenever you want.

3. Comfort
Our hire / rental Motorhomes are spacious and have all the facilities that a family needs so there is no need to worry about how your children are going to cope with a long flight, or whether you can fit four or five people into one hotel room. These modern day recreational vehicles usually come equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, sofas, an LCD Television, a double bed and much more. Some of our hire / rental motorhomes have storage for bicycles, jet skis and surf boards. Motorhomes usually cater for 2 – 6 people and provide you with the warmth and comfort of home. After enjoying the countryside on a long walk or cycle, there is nothing better than returning to your motorhome for a hot shower and then a mug of hot tea/coffee and a movie.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Our Hire Motorhomes

4. Specific Events
Why not take your motorhome rental/ hire to music festivals, concerts, car races and sporting events? There are usually lots of motorhomes at these events as they are much more convenient than the local accommodation. Hotels and B&Bs may be located many miles from the actual event and often have inflated prices especially for the occasion. Worse still, they may be booked to capacity due to the unusually large numbers of visitors in the area. Why not have the luxury of home and park your motorhome hire / rental “on site” at the event. There is no need to queue for the toilets at a music festival when you have your motorhome with you.

5. Visiting distant family and relatives
If you want to visit family or friends who live a little further away, why not travel in style and stay close by or even on your distant family’s driveway. If they don’t have a spare bedroom or if you don’t want to invade their personal space too much then a motorhome rental is the perfect solution. You can even take them out on a relaxing day trip.

6. An Extra Bedroom
If you don’t have a spare or guest bedroom in your home but still would like friends and family to come and stay over occasionally, then a motorhome is the perfect solution. Motorhome rental hire  costs much less in the low season which means you can provide self-contained accommodation with one or more extra bedrooms at little cost.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Hire Motorhome on Scotlands west coast

7. Choice of Home Cooking or Eating Out
With a motorhome you can decide when and where you want to eat each meal. Use the on-board fully equipped kitchen with oven and hob to prepare a meal for your family. If there is a requirement for a special diet, cooking in the motorhome makes it easy. Alternatively, you can enjoy a take-away in front of the TV or visit a top hotel for special treat.

8. Cost
Motorhomes are expensive to buy and even if you can afford to own one, it is difficult to justify the cost of ownership unless you get good use of it throughout the year. Many Motorhome owners find that they do not have as much time to spend in their motorhome as they would like to. Motorhome hire / rental allows you to “Pay As You Go” without having to worry about annual storage, maintenance, higher purchase, tax and insurance bills. Why spend thousands of pounds on a motorhome or caravan only to have it sit on your driveway except for the occasional weekend away? Hire a motorhome for as long as you need it without all the hassle.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

wild camping scotland west coast

9. Try before you buy
If you are thinking of buying a motorhome but have never tried the experience, motorhome hire / rental can give you the peace of mind to know that you are making the correct decision.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

hire motorhome on ferry to Scotlands islands

10. A New Experience
If you have never tried it before, you should rent / hire a motorhome so you can see what you are missing and start living. Take your family on a different holiday and enjoy what Scotland has to offer in abundance… beautiful scenery.


Touring the Islands of Scotland in a Hire / Rental Motorhome

Touring the Islands of Scotland in a Hire / Rental  Motorhome

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Motorhome on Beach Lewis Scotland

The Outer Hebrides (also known as the Western Isles), one of the most beautiful and remote areas, offer the visitor a unique holiday experience. This 130 mile long chain of islands lies to the north west of Scotland, on the edge of Europe and bordering the wide Atlantic ocean.

All the places mentioned here we have personally been in one of our hire motorhomes when touring Scotland

There are many rare species of wildlife to be found from otters to golden eagles, to whales and basking sharks.

LEWIS is the largest of the islands in Scotland and about half of the population live in the one and only town, Stornoway. The east coast is mainly sandy beaches and dunes while the Atlantic coast has a rigged form with many cliffs. With fishing and crofting being of importance on Lewis, hotels and restaurants make great use of local produce in their menus we have been here many times in one of our hire motorhomes.

HARRIS is famous for its tweed cloth and is connected by land to Lewis so is not a true island in its own right. North Harris is fairly mountainous and sparsely populated and may become Scotland’s third national park. South Harris has many spectacular white sandy beaches with the beach at Scarista being a popular wind surfing venue, touring here in your hire rental  motorhome is fantastic with miles of empty white sandy beached to camp on.

NORTH UIST is a mainly flat island with many small lochs and white sandy beaches. There are many prehistoric structures including standing stones, cairns and stone circles.there are ample wild camping spots to park your hire motorhome in complete safety

BENBECULA is connected to North Uist by causeways and is again mainly flat with many lochs and much moorland.

SOUTH UIST is virtually one continuous beach on the west coast while the east coast is mountainous. It is the only place in Great Britain where prehistoric mummies have been found and there are many places or archaeological interest on the island. South Uist is connected to Benbecula and Eriskay by causeway and is a lovely run in your hire / rental motorhome.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Wild camping beach on South Uist

About the Inner Hebrides

Some of the islands are thought to have been inhabited since around 6500BC, there are ancient standing stones and settlements to be found on several of them.

SKYE is the largest and furthest north of the islands and is now linked to mainland Scotland by bridge. The Cuillins are the highest mountains on Skye and are probably the most dramatic mountain terrain in Scotland and is highly recommended by us to tour Skye in your hire / rental motorhome. Sir Edmund Hillary and his team spent much time climbing in the Cuillins in preparation for their successful attempt on Mount Everest in 1953. Bonnie Prince Charlie famously spent some time hiding on Skye after the Battle of Culloden before escaping to France with the help of Flora MacDonald. Dunvegan Castle dates back to the 13th century and is the oldest castle in Scotland to be lived in by the same family (Clan MacLeod) since it was built.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Ferry to Scotlands Islands

MULL is the second largest island and with its colourful painted houses in the capital, Tobermory, is a popular tourist destination. There are a number of castles and some beautiful beaches to visit on Mull.

IONA is a tiny island off the coast of Mull and is the most sacred place in Scotland. It’s where Saint Columba founded his monastery in 563AD and set out to convert Pagan Scotland to Christianity. Iona Abbey is now an ecumenical church and is of great historical and religious interest to pilgrims and visitors alike. Iona is where many kings of Scotland, Ireland and Norway were buried including Macbeth.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Campsite beach on harris scotland

ISLAY is the most southerly of the Inner Hebrides. With its eight distilleries, including Lagavulin, Laphroig and Bowmore, Islay produces some of the most distinctive Scotch Whiskies. Some of the distilleries will let you park your hire / rental motorhome overnight. With its many varied species Islay is also a popular year round destination with birdwatchers.


For more information on how to hire a motorhome from, please call us on 01738580755 or mobile 07736129857


Why Hire a Motorhome to Tour Scotland

Hire / Rent a Motorhome by Scottish Tourer of Scotland

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

Some of our Hire Motorhomes

The reasons to hire/ Rent a motorhome are many and varied, but there is something about the freedom of the open road and an almost unlimited choice of routes available that make this one of the fastest growing leisure activities the world over.

Reason run the gamut from the positive – you can go anywhere at any time to the negative – navigating the modern nightmare that is an airport is best avoided at any cost these days, but for sheer ease motorhome hire is difficult to be beaten.

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

view from one of our hire motorhomes

Motorhome hire / rent need not start at the front door, it is possible to spend a few

days reaching the area you most want to explore and then hiring a vehicle there, whether it be the beaches of south Wales or the Highlands of Scotland. We have a a motorhome to  hire / rent wherever you wish to go.

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

Wild camping beach Scotland in a hire motorhome

It’s not only hiring that is eminently easy, finding a place to park for the night, or longer, couldn’t be easier, from a site with all the amenities including swimming pools, lively night time activities and internet access. For those who would prefer something a little more out of the way, secluded or just to escape the hustle and bustle of the city there are around five hundred campsites in Scotland where you can lay you head, whether you want something with a view of the ocean or from a mountain retreat.

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

on the road in a rental motorhome in Scotland

If you hire/ rent a motorhome you will find that it is so easy and offers an unlimited holiday menu, it can only be recommended highly, it’s such a different way to experience the joy of the open road in Scotland that once you start it can be a very difficult habit to break.

There is no doubt that the idea of no fly holidays are going to get more and more popular as confidence in flying decreases. This explains why more and more people are choosing to hire / rent a motorhome for their holidays in Scotland.

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

expect views like this if you hire one of our motorhomes in scotland

If you would like to hire / rent a motorhome, either apply online or if you are in the UK 01738580755. Our motorhome hire office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire


A Motorhome is an Expensive Purchase

Motorhomes are not cheap. After your home it might be the most expensive item you ever buy, so don’t go in to it without doing your homework first. Best to Hire / Rent a Motorhome to try before you buy. There are many hire / rental companies in Scotland and the UK.

Motorhome Hire In Scotland

Hire Motorhome

Research – Decide what you want.
Some of the “essential” features you need will be obvious to you – like how many berths (adult or childrens beds), how big should the Motorhome be (where will you store or park it) and how much do you want to spend. You may have preferences such as manual or automatic transmission, or petrol or diesel. Would you be happy with a Left Hand drive model? Possibly yes if you plan to tour Europe. You may have a specific use in mind, for example, if you have a motorcyle or cycles do you need a “garage” compartment.

When you buy at Auction you don’t have an infinate choice – only what is available at any one time, so you must make a list of what you deem is essential, and what you’d “like” but is not essential in a motorhome. Things for your “like to have” list might include –

Motorhome Hire In Scotland

Hire motorhome on narrow road Scotland

Decide on the body style and conversion
There are various style options to choose from. The main thing to decide is are you going to go for a professional conversion (such as Autosleeper, Devon or Hymer) or would you be happy with a one-off conversion. Professional conversions are normally a safer bet, but will cost more.

Size Matters
How big should it be? The smallest ones are classed as camper vans and include models like Mazda Bongo, then slightly bigger come the VW’s, which are very desirable, but don’t have the comforts of “home”. Then there are Motor Caravans based on typical Goods Vans, like the Ford Transit, or Peugeot Boxer. All these so far metioned have one great advantage, in that they are small enough to drive on narrower roads like Scotland, and be parked in “car” parks.

As you get bigger your choice includes “coachbuilt” styles like Elddis, Dethleffs and Abbey. These have more home comforts but are bigger vehicles and take more effort to handle “on the road”. Finally you get the monster motorhomes – just like your own home, but you can take it with you. Journey times can be slower, so they are not the best choice for lots of touring, but more suited to longer stays at larger sites.

Motorhome Hire In Scotland

campsite Scotland from a ferry

So the decision on size should be – what is the smallest we’d go for, and what is the biggest. Make a note of Min and Max dimensions. Consider the height of the cab – a higher driving position gives you better views when travelling.

Internal Configuration
Do you want a bed that you can leave out all the time, rather than having to pull it out and make it every night? Do you want a lounge area that you can all sit round to eat in? Do you want an end kitchen or a side set-up?

How old?
You will probably want to buy the newest model you can afford. Older vehicles often come with all the problems of wear and tear, bodywork that needs constant attention, and dreaded leaks. If you are on a low budget it is even more important that you check out the van fully before you bid for it in an auction. With older vans there are just more things that could be wrong. Don’t assume that newer models are a safe option to buy at auction. Some accident damaged, stolen recovered or flood damaged motor caravans can end up on a Motorhome Auction.

Motorhome Hire In Scotland

Hire motorhome on ferry Scotland

In all cases you must follow these golden rules :-
Research what you want, make a list and view some at dealers.
Make notes and get an idea of typical prices for second hand vehicles.
Narrow down your choice of model and check in more detail at a dealer.
Be prepared to travel around the country to look at vehicles.

Once you know what you want, stick to your decision.
Keep an eye on the Auction Sites and identify potential buys as soon as they get listed. Read the description carefully, making notes of anything the seller has forgotten to mention. Email (or better to phone) the seller and ask all the relevent questions you can think of. (If he gets impatient forget it).

Best  buys are from Motorhome hire / rental companies as these vehicles are fully checked and cleaned prior to every hire, also the motorhome / rental companies normally buy motorhomes from the manufacturer direct so pass on this saving to you


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