Motorhome Hire Scotland

One of our Hire Motorhomes

Print a copy of the checklist and take it with you when you view a Motorhome.
Also take a torch, pen, tape measure, screwdriver, small mirror (to view hard to see places), mat (to crawl underneath), rubber gloves and hand cleaner.   Basic Details RecordsVehicle Registration Number Year of Manufacture / Registration Make / Model VIN – Engine No. Chassis No.Mileage Asking Price

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Item to check Outside the motorhome

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Inside one of our Hire Motorhomes

Checked Comments Exterior Surfaces – check with palm of hands for dents or blemishes or signs of repair.  Exterior Surfaces – check visually by looking from corners along front, sides and rear.  Check Rubber seals around windows and joins.  Check plastic / Rubber trim. Loose or damaged?  Open and close all doors.  Check Mirrors for cracks. Move them.  Check vents are not blocked or covered up.  Check Awning rails are sound and fixed well.  Unroll Awning. Check for mould, damage or tears.  Check all Glass for chips or cracks.  Check all compartments open and keys exist.  Check inside compartments for holes or rust.  Check fuel cap(s).  Check hook-up sockets and flaps.  Check steps fold-out and are stable.  Stand back and check that vehicle looks level.  Check tyres, wheel edges and wheel trims  Check tyre pressures, tread and sidewalls.  Spare Tyre – in place and in good condition.  Confirm that wheel brace and locking nuts exist.  Check all lights and indicators work.  Check batteries for leaks and condition.  Check TV Aerials and brackets are sound.  Check outside shower works.  Check waste outlets are clear.  Check gas bottles and hoses.  Check body sills are level and sound.  Check towball, wiring and umbilical cord.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Interior of one of our 7 Berth Hire Motorhomes

U N D E R N E A T H the Motorhome

Checked Comments Check for signs of damage or repair.  Evidence of Oil or Fluid leaks.  Welding to underside or framework.  Visually check Axles.  Visually check Suspension.  Check pipes and cables for corrosion.  Check tanks for rust or splits.  Check straps and rubber mountings.  Check boots for splits or leaks.   

E N G I N E – C O M P A R T M E N T of the motorhome

Checked Comments Check engine oil levels and viscosity.  Check coolant levels and visual colour check.  Check power Steering Fluid.  Check transmission Fluid.  Check Windscreen Cleaner Fluid.  Visual Check – hoses.  Visual Check – battery.  Visual Check – leaks.  Visual Check – wiring.  Start engine – check exhaust colour and smell.  Check for vibration and noise.  Run engine for 5 minutes and check again.  Sit inside, close windows and doors. Noise, smell?

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Layout of Bunk beds in one of our hire fleet motorhomes

I N S I D E The Motorhome

Checked Comments Check plan and layout is a expected.  Open all windows and screens.  Check for damp – visual or smells.  Check floor – walk and stomp to test for “give”.  Check floorcoverings.   Check all internal trims and joints.  Check Curtains and Blinds.  Check soft furnishings for sags, rips or wear.  Check ceiling for bumps, damp or loose panels.  Check all cabinets open and close.  Check doors do not lift up or down. (Hinges)  Check inside all cabinets for leaks or damp.  Check all drawers open and close.  Check beds for damp, sagging or rodent damage.  Look under and behind all moveable furniture.  Check kitchen work surfaces.  Check gas cooker top plates, grill and oven.  Check seals around sink.  Check taps work and check for leaks.  Check Waterpump works efficiently. Noise?  Check fridge works on all power sources.  Check heating works.  Check all blown air heating vents are open.  Check hot water works and boiler for leaks.  Check Toilet flushes and does not leak.  Check shower works and temperature reached.  Check seals. Check for mould and leaks.  Check bathroom ventilation works.  Check all waste exits (observe from outside).  Check TV and Audio Visual equipment.  Check remote Satellite raises, lowers and rotates.  Check interior lights work.  Check all electric sockets work.  Check inverters and power supplies.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

layout of a 7 berth hire motorhome.


Checked Comments Check RCDs and Safety cut-outs.  Find location of Fuses and check visually.  Fire extinguisher.  Smoke detector.  Carbon Monoxide detector.    Check vehicle controls – steering, horn etc.     Check levelling System works.     Emergency exit windows.     E V E R Y T H I N G – E L S E

Checked Comments Consider overall size – is it too big?     Has it got Power Steering?     Is the fuel type / engine size what you want?     Consider Depreciation value.     Ask family members what they think.  Check all Documentation.  Check all Manuals are present.  Check certificates (Gas and Electric Safety checks)  Road Test.

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