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Motorhome Scotland How to choose a Hire company for touring


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome Scotland …This article gives invaluable help in choosing a Motorhome Scotland Hire  Company for touring Scotland including what type of Company and Motorhomes to avoid. HIRE MOTORHOME  SCOTLAND Remember that the Motorhome you hire is where you will be living in, sleeping in, eating in, and driving in for the period you have hired it for,

Therefore it is crucial you have a modern well equipped vehicle of a size which is applicable to the size and age of your party.

Motorhome manufacturers tend to build the vehicles as compact as possible

A motor home advertised as a 5 Berth would be totally unsuitable for any more than 3 Adults but would probably suit 2 adults and 2 children, A 6 berth motor home would only suit up to 4 adults maximum or 2 adults with 3 to 4 small children.

Many 7 berth motorhomes are based on the six berth model but one of the lounge seats converts to a single.

A true 7 berth with reasonable space will typically be 7.2 metres or over, Try to hire a Motorhome where every adult or person over 12 has a fixed bed , otherwise you will find yourself very cramped and having to make up beds late at night which in some motorhomes is like flat pack furniture building. Motorhome Hire Scotland



Be very careful in checking the price and what is included, Many Companies who hire out a motorhome in Scotland don’t include Insurance in the quoted prices,

Also some advertise a week as the hire period this in many cases is only 6 nights collect say Saturday  am Return Friday pm, Look for a company who gives you seven nights for your money. Many charge Extra for picnic table and chairs, barbeque, cycle rack Etc.

Also you should also not be paying more than £500.00 security deposit and you should get this back when you return the Motorhome in good undamaged condition, (broken crockery is fair wear and tear and should not be charged)

A wind out awning is essential make sure this is fitted. Check the age of the Motorhome if it over four years old .. give it a miss as its probably a bit tatty after 4 years hiring.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Your hired Motorhome Scotland should come with the following extras

included in the hire price, If it does not then choose another Motorhome hire company

  • § Full Comprehensive Insurance
  • § Colour Rear view camera
  • § Satellite Navigation
  • § Blue tooth hand free phone connection
  • § Flat Screen TV /DVD Player with multi slot (digital picture viewing)
  • § Picnic table and chairs
  • § Wind out Awning with Led exterior lighting
  • § Fold out Barbeque
  • § Rear Bike Rack
  • § Gas included however if you run low the Motorhome should have refillable bottles which can be topped up at most fuel stations with LPG
  • § Full comprehensive set of crockery for the size of your party
  • § Cruise control and Six Speed gearbox
  • § First Aid Kit, Gas alarm, Smoke alarm, Fire Extinguisher.
  • § Torch, Binoculars
  • § Toilet Fluid, Cleaning materials
  • § List of wild camping spots, Maps and books on what to do and see in Scotland
  • § 25 metre Electric hook up cable, 25 metre water filer hose
  • Motorhome Hire Scotland

Most of the big advertising companies at the top of the Google search pages do not own any Motorhomes whatsoever they are office based providers who advertise private owners  Motorhomes on their glossy web page for hire and take around 40% of what you pay,

The owner only gets 60% that’s why we hear of  so many cases where at the last minute the Motorhome you had booked is not available and is substituted for another which is invariably much older and not the same specification as you originally booked but by this time it is to late to search around for another Motorhome hire company,

You will be using a private owners personal property which they may have paid a lot of money for (or in some cases not a lot of money!!), so the slightest scratch or broken plate  can see you lose your damage deposit,

in most cases they will remove all the extras they consider as personal property in case they are damaged so you could end up with a basic vehicle which is not adequate in our opinion for a touring holiday.


Motorhome Hire Scotland


We own and have paid for all the Motorhomes in our fleet, We (Company Owners) personally  inspect and test everything on every Motorhome before every hire, If you require Airport transfers it will be one of us who will meet you and return you to the Airport, and it will be one of us who will show you around your Motorhome and give advice on sightseeing and things to do in the areas you want to visit.

You will be given our mobile numbers which you can contact us on 24/7 even if its late at night just to find somewhere nice to stop or even to check the internet for a nice restaurant in the area. We are here to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday in Scotland in a modern, immaculately clean, fully equipped touring Motorhome. Via – Hire Motorhome Scotland

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