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Motorhomes can be long and have a large rear overhang over the back axle, anticipate overtaking by manoeuvring much earlier than in a car, and use the mirrors to keep an eye on the rear of the vehicle.

Some motorhome hire companies have reversing aids such as cameras. However when reversing, always get the passenger to step out of the motorhome and watch the rear of the vehicle.


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome Hire

Try to avoid tight country lanes, were passing is impossible.

There are height barriers in many car parks – supermarket car parks are a good option in towns for parking as there are not height barriers and there is plenty of space for a longer vehicle.

Be aware of the dimensions of the motorhomes for hire and make sure these are somewhere visible that the driver can see.

Using a navigation aid such as a Sat Nav is a great way to get from A to B. They do however have a tendency to cut corners and lead you down minor ‘B’ roads or routes with low bridges.

Use a conventional map for planning your route using motorways and ‘A’ roads, and then when you are close to your destination use your Sat Nav to guide you to the exact location. Most of tour operators provide them for hire.

Some motorhome hire companies fit  tow bars and these have a maximum weight limit for towing. If you are thinking of towing another vehicle it’s important to know the combined weight of the trailer and load.

Always check with the operator that this does not exceed the tow bars maximum capacity and note that the towed item will not be covered by the self hire drive insurance in the event of an accident.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Motorhome Hire

Electrical items are a necessary evil of modern life. Before setting off on your journey make sure all your electrical equipment is fully charged. Electrical equipment can be charged while on the move using the 12v cigarette lighter, however laptops, i pads etc need a 240v power supply to charge. Make sure when choosing a campsite a hook up is available as this will allow charging of this equipment.

All motorhomes have a fresh water tank, used for showering, washing up etc. Avoid overfilling the fresh water tank when starting your tour – the tank is extremely heavy when full and can have an impact on the MPG.

Local byelaws forbid overnight parking in many areas so campsites will be a necessity, although Scotland has different rules.

Plan your route in advance and pre book campsites during peak periods as many will be fully booked over the school holidays and Bank Holidays.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Motorhomes For Sale Scotland

Your motorhome hire fee will include self hire drive insurance but you should consider taking out holiday insurance to cover those unexpected events.

Motorhoming is not only for the countryside, there are great campsites in the centre of London for example that provide a great low cost option for staying in the capital.

With children on board, break long journeys into segments. Plan stops that have some interesting places.

Switch the fridge to the leisure battery when travelling.

For safety, turn off the gas at the bottle when travelling.

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