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Tour Scotlands Islands by Motorhome…. Tips and Advice.

Tour Scotlands Islands by motorhome is becoming a popular choice for people within and for those who travel to the UK. The reasons are many and varied, However they will almost certainly include the rugged coastline, wild and open wilderness, high mountains and stunning secluded lochs. Here are some routes that take you to the Hebridean islands.

Easy access to the Hebridean Islands is one reason why many people choose to tour Scotlands islands by motorhome . Perth to Ullapool and then on to the Ferry to Stornaway in Lewis is one of the main Hebridean islands . Perth to Ullapool  only takes around 3 .5 hours.

Travel through Lewis then to Harris then Ferry across to North Uist travel down to Barra through South Uist the the Ferry to Isle Of Skye the from Helmsdale get the Ferry to Malaig on the Mainland.


This is situated beside two houses on the A857. If you are coming from the North then it is on the right hand side. If from the south, then obviously on the left.tour scotlands islands by motorhome

The two bones that comprise the arch are the lower jaw bones of a Blue Whale and were removed from a beached Whale that came ashore in 1920. The harpoon that is shown in the picture was still in the Whale, however the explosive charge in the Harpoon’s head had failed to explode. Therefore, both Whale and Harpoon were intact. The Crofter that dealt with both Harpoon and Whale was lucky not have been injured when the Harpoon’s head finally exploded in his shed. Luckily he was not in the shed at the time.

The magnificent Whalebone Arch now stands as a gateway in the garden of the two houses.


If you do intend to tour Scotlands Islands by motorhomes then don’t miss the blackhouses in Lewis

Blackhouses were so named not because of the fact that they were in the early days smoke filled and had small windows, but because they were compared to new houses being built in the late 1800′s which were called ‘white houses’. The new ‘white houses’ were designed to separate humans from their livestock and animals.

The design of a blackhouse originates back several thousand years, as does the constructional method. The building consists of two concentric dry stone walls with a gap between them filled with earth or peat. The roof was either thatched or made up of turfs and constructed upon a wooden frame. The frame was supported by the inner wall, which gave the characteristic look of a shelf around the outside of the building. As the roofing material had to withstand quite extreme weather conditions at times, the roofing material was often secured down by using netting with large stones tied at the ends.

Unbelievably, some of the blackhouses were still inhabited until the middle 1970′s, although it has to be said some blackhouses had fireplaces and chimneys, instead of the chimney free traditional construction.

Tour scotlands islands by motorhome


The fresh air, the relaxed atmosphere and the perspective of adventure are the key ingredients at the beginning of any tour of Scotlands islands by motorhome.


The Isle of Harris is joined to the Isle of Lewis and is the second island down the Outer Hebrides chain of islands. Magnificent beaches and scenery along with its famous Tweed and Art galleries are its hallmarks.

Tour Scotlands islands by Motorhome

Beaches are probably the feature of Harris that impress most visitors. The colour of the water, even on a dull day, and the purity of the sand are simply stunning. The beaches range from the huge expanses of Traigh Losgaintir (Luskentyre) and Traigh Sgarastaigh (Scarista) to little sheltered coves beside the road at Na Buirgh (Borve). Behind the beaches are the machairs – green grassy plains covered in a mass of wild flowers in the summer. The images probably don’t do justice to the wonderful colours and sheer size of the beach area.This area is a must if you intend to tour scotlands islands by Motorhome.

Isle of Skye. An abundance of wildlife can be found here. Home to the famous Golden Eagles, you may also see otters, Minke whales and dolphins around the island.

A well known tourist route is to drive along the Mallaig road towards the camping sites of Arisaig, where you will find plenty to see and do. Surrounded by stunning scenery, this area is a must see for all who tour Scotlands islands in a motorhome.


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Motorhome Rental in Scotland


Motorhome Rental in Scotland

View from you Hire Motorhome

One of the best ways of exploring any part of the world is by motorhome, and Motorhome Rental in Scotland is one of the most accessible spots to check out by motorhome. If you are interested in heading north of the border and checking out the amazing scenery and culture offered in Scotland then you could find motorhome in Rental Scotland the best way to explore this magnificent County.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

On the Ferry to Harris Scotland

When it comes to choosing motorhome rental in Scotland packages for your holiday it is important to think about what Size and type of motorhome you will need , It is crucial that you consider how many people and ages of children who will be sleeping and travelling in the Rental Motorhome, When out on the road, as well as how many bedrooms you could require and what kind of Rental Motorhome in Scotland  you are going to be able to drive with regards to your driving license. Most Motorhome Rental in Scotland companies will have Motorhomes up to 3500 kg wich allow you to drive on a normal car License.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

River view Scotland

If you are interested in motorhome Rental in Scotland then visit us here at Scottish Tourer Motorhome Rental in Scotland and browse through the wide range of motorhomes and packages we have to offer. We have 25 years experience in providing motorhome rental in Scotland, And we understand exactly what our customers are looking for when it comes to choosing a Motorhome Rental company for your well earned Holiday. We have the experience and knowledge of touring Scotland in Motorhomes which enables us to give you the best advice on routes to get the most from your holiday.


We like to go the extra mile for our motorhome rental in Scotland customers and this is why all of our motorhomes come with everthing included in the price with no hidden extras. Our two berth Luxury Motorhomes ae even supplied with Bathrobes , slippers, toiletries, tea, Coffee, Biscuits, and a nice bottle of Whiskey, We know that heading off on holiday can sometimes be stressful and to make using our motorhome hire Scotland options as easy as possible wegive you a full induction on all aspects of motorhome touring.


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Hire Motorhome Advice

Advice and tips if you are considering to Hire Motorhome for your Holidays.


Consider very carefully on the model and Size of the Hire motorhome you would like to hire.

Hire Motorhome Scotland

Sea view from your motorhome

There are plenty of different models of Hire motorhome  to suit you needs and budget from Hire motorhome dealers in Scotland, so you need to be sure what you need want in a hire motorhome from the start so that you can ensure you get a hire motorhome to your needs. Take in to consideration the size of motorhome which you require this will be relevant to the amount of people, you may also want to consider what equipment, privacy and levels of security you feel you will need.

Take time to find the right  hire motorhome company to use.

Finding a good price and the correct dates you require for your hire motorhome holiday can be much more difficult than you think than and can mean spending lots of hours searching for the right price to suit your budget, you will also find that some Hire motorhome companies will be unable to supply a hire motorhome for the dates as they have already been booked up especially during peak season.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

When you hire a motorhome you need to ensure that you take notice of what is included in the price  for either a daily, weekly and monthly rental so you should consider the collection point as this will be an important factor in your decision.


Make sure that you have book your hire motorhome well in advance.

If you know the model of motorhome you want to rent for your holiday why don’t delay in getting it booked early so that you are guaranteed the right Motorhome,  holiday periods are very busy when hiring a motorhome. And Motorhomes are snapped up very quickly so you could lose out if you don’t book early, you may also get a better motorhome hire quote as many companies offer discounts for early booking.

Motorhome Hire / Rental Scotland

Enjoying Barbecue in Scotland

Familiarise yourself with the motorhome you hire before you set off on your holiday 

Motorhome dealers are very good in this respect and will spend enough time showing you a motorhomes features, the last thing they want you to do is have an accident so be sure that you pay attention to what they are saying. Check that there are no marks or scrarches on the motorhome before you sign the hire forms and make sure that everything is  working properly before you set off.  Check the overall condition of the motorhome and and that all safety features are present within the motorhome.

Think carefully about motorhome hire insurance for your hired motorhome.

Purchasing insurance coverage is your choice but a very important one as driving a motorhome does involve some risk, especially if your are unfamiliar with driving a motorhome. The motorhome hire company staff should tell you your options before you hire the vehicle.

Practice driving the motorhome you hire before you set of on your holidays.

Before you set of on your holidays most motorhome hire companies will help you to get to know The motorhome and by doing a some driving around the car park or a quick spin around the block. Usually the most difficult part is reversing and parking the motorhome and being able to judge how far you are from the kerb and the amount of space you have, to reverse into.  Knowing what is behind you is quite difficult until you are used to it.Consider Taking your hire motorhome for a quick drive before setting off on your holidays . This helps you to overcome this and at the very least will familiarize you with the motorhomes controls.

Motorhome hire kits.

motorhome hire kits can be arranged with the hire and is dependent on the dealer who you are hiring the motorhome from. The kits are usually inclusive of everyday needs for living. We have found that kitchen and housekeeping kits, personal convenience kits and vehicle supply kits are very handy and help make the holiday easier.

Book your motorhome holiday site in advance before you set off.

You can also look at the trip advisor , google reviews and holiday watchdog websites to read real reviews from customers who have used the hire company you are intending to use.

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Motorhome Hire Scotland, Advice from The Experts

 Motorhome Hire Scotland, Advice and help to enjoy your Holiday in Scotland.

Motorhome Hire Scotland is such a fun and exciting holiday that gives you the freedom to explore and travel around our beautiful country at your own pace. If you are new to a motorhome hire Scotland it can also be a  slightly daunting, Especially about not knowing what to expect from the many motorhome  hire companies in Scotland.

However bear that in mind, here are a few things to consider when searching for a reliable Motorhome Hire Scotland company.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Nice Sea view Scotland

What size motorhome do you need? How many people will be travelling and sleeping in the Motorhome ? The Motorhome Hire Company should be able to hire you the best layout and size for your party.

Start to look a little closer at motorhomes in Scotland. By rights the company who provides you with the motorhome hire Scotland should tell you exactly what is all included in the vehicle.

Try to hire the latest Model motorhome as one over two years old is liable to be well worn and threadbare.  A Motorhome Hire Scotland should be like a home-from-home, ideally all you should have to bring along is your clothing, toiletries and provisions, the rest should be included in the price.

Most hire companies supply the bedding as an extra so remember to order bedding / towel packs if not bring your own.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Parking on the beach Scotland

Ask for a full induction of how everything works in the hire Motorhome , However all good Motorhome hire companies in Scotland will give full instructions and advice on driving the motorhome on Scotlands roads

Motorhome Hire Scotland

A Beach in Scotland

On arrival and after completing the paperwork on the first day that the Motorhome Hire Scotland is due to begin you should be shown around the van.

This is a great way to get to know the layout of the vehicle so you can live in and drive the Motorhome Hire Scotland with total confidence and safety. Do not be afraid to ask if you are unsure of anything, the company that provides the Motorhome Hire Scotland will be more than happy to help.

Plan your route! The Hire company should be able to help plan your route so you get local knowledge from the people who know

This, quite often, is the most crucial part of a successful motorhome hire Scotland. Do not be one of the many people that travel aimlessly around in motorhomes in Scotland, know where you are going in the Motorhome Hire Scotland right from the start.

You dont have to plan an itinerary with military like precision to enjoy the Motorhome Hire Scotland but it will help if you have a good idea of where you want to go and what you want to see, this way you can budget for fuel from the start.

Take maps with you as well or use a Sat Nav system (A sat nav will be supplied by good motohome hire companies)  because the last thing you want is to be lost down a narrow country lane inside the Motorhome Hire Scotland.

A Motorhome Hire Scotland is bags of fun so why not enjoy life on the open road this year?

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Motorhome Hire / Rental Camp Site Tips

Tips on pitching your Motorhome Hire / Rental   on Campsite pitches in Scotland

To find a campsite in Scotland try ukcampsites

Avoid parking your  Motorhome Hire / Rental on soft wet grass or mud.

Most hire / rental  motorhomes are front wheel drive and the weight of the rear living accommodation makes them vulnerable to wheel spin and getting stuck in muddy or soft ground. However if you find yourself in this situation best to place pieces of carpet under the front driving wheels, as this will normally work by getting the hire / rental  motorhome free of the muddy / soft area.

MotorHome Rental Scotland

Highland View

Try to choose a level area when parking in Scotland for the night; parking the hire / rental motorhome on a steep slope can not only affect your sleeping it can also affect the working of the fridge.Where there is a slight slope that you can’t get level, sleep with your head at the top of the high end – this should help avoid headaches.Best to Use level blocks to level off the motorhome hire / rental  . You will need remember to chock the wheels to stop the motorhome from rolling backwards. the dangers here are obvious.

When parking up in Scotlands Campsites, decide which side you prefer the living area door to be on – think about where others are parked / camped and road safety where you have children and / or pets with you.On the hot summer days keep the window blinds shut and the windscreen sun shield on. The blinds in the motorhomes hire / rental  have a silver back that reflects the sun keeping the motorhome hire / rental  cool.When hooking the motorhome up to a 240v hook-up, always attach the plug to the hire / rental  motorhome before attaching to the 240v supply, this can prevent electric shocks from wet cables.Where a hook up is not available you won’t be able to use the 240v sockets and will rely on the 12v supply and gas,Where relying on the 12v supply make sure you keep a check on the supply levels on the control display panel – it will re-charge as you drive around Scotland around or run the engine for half an hour or so if you intend to remain stationary.


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Room with a view in Your Hire Motorhome

Avoid campsite pitches that are under trees as low branches scraping on the motorhome hire / rental  will affect your sleep.The over cab bed can sometimes feel claustrophobic; the best tip is to have the over cab window open as it allows air to circulate.Awnings are fantastic in summer and are designed to shade you from Scotlands sun. Avoid putting them out in any wind, but never leave them unattended or out overnight.Secure the legs of the awning using tent pegs as this will prevent children and animals accidentally knocking the legs away from under the awning.When using a hook up make sure the fridge is switched to 240v as this will help save gas.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

On the Beach

Using campsite bathrooms rather than those in themotorhome hire / rental  as much as possible – this cuts down your water use and the need to empty the toilet too frequently – chores you want to avoid when you’re away and enjoying yourself.Toilets in motorhomes indicate when they are close to full. Empty the toilet straightaway when the indicator light appears as this will avoid overflowing.Find were the chemical toilet emptying point is before attempting to empty the chemical toilet. If parking the motorhome hire / rental  close to the emptying point is possible then do so, the toilet cassette can be very heavy.Although emptying a chemical toilet is not too bad an experience, wearing rubber gloves is a good idea.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Our Rental fleet of Motorhomes


Make sure the external gas vent is not covered while gas is in use.When recharging the toilet cassette avoid using the campsites drinking water supply; a dedicated water supply should be located close to the chemical toilet emptying point.Plan your next campsite before setting off, always ring to check availability and book your next site if possible.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Parked up for the Evening

Motorhomes have a onboard container that stores waste water. When on a campsite make sure that the emptying valve is closed. Grey water running from the motorhome to other campers is not accepted. Most campsites have an area to empty the grey water when leaving.Avoid carrying the grey water . Emptying the grey water tank before leaving the campsite is preferable, although emptying the grey water on waste land is acceptable.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camping Scotland

Before setting off in a motorhome hire / rental always do a visual “pre flight check” – check the windows are all shut, that the tv aerial and roof lights are all shut and the hook up lead have been disconnected.

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