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Motorhome Wild Camping

Unwritten Rules to adhere to when Motorhome wild Camping

Think Security- Don’t park in an area that might be frequented by low-life, conversely a remote location brings it’s own problems.  See Top Tips for Security when Wild Camping

Do not damage anything. Most land belongs to someone, do not remove branches or damage crops.  Don’t use BBQs with a risk of fire etc.

When Motorhome wild Camping ..Don’t make a camp of it. Deck-chairs, awnings and windbreaks should not be used unless you are extremely remote and not overlooked.

No Litter – Not even in bags.  Store your litter inside.  The practice of putting it under the motorhome in a black sack looks awful, chances are a animal opens the sack and spreads litter everywhere.

Motorhome wild Camping Security

Motorhome wild camping

Motorhome wild camping Always try to avoid camp in-sight of a houses, its not always possible but where it is, it’s best done.  These home owners are normally the first to call the police.

Never let waste drip onto the ground.  We all know that a little grey water won’t harm the environment, but if the public see liquid coming out of your motorhome they often assume the worst.

Dispose of sewer waste responsibly.  Never assume that a manhole is for black waste it might not be. An extra cassette to double your black waste is always a good idea.  You can buy storage solutions for these so they fit under the motorhome.

Resources when wild

While you might get a free pitch, peace and quiet with a view to die for, when wild camping that is about it. The other basics for life we need to have with us.  We need to cope without an electric hookup, fresh water or sewer.

Touring Scotland Motorhome

Motorhome Wild camping

Americans call this “dry camping” when camped on a site you are just yards away from copious amounts of fresh water and somewhere to dump waste and as access to as much electricity as you need. when camping in the wild we are pretty self-sufficient but have to think things through a little,  or we can quickly run short of an essential and have to cut short our camping.

If you are wild camping more than a couple of days, then you’ll need to use your resources sparingly.

You will know from experience how long you can be away from a hookup; if you use a generator and. or solar panels this might be indefinite. but black and grey tanks fill and need to be emptied.  if you have a two gallon  toilet cassette, then you’ll need to give more frequent, responsible, disposal some thought. the trick is to arrive somewhere completely full with fresh water with all your waste empty.  Wild campers need to manage fresh and waste water responsibly.

Fresh water

Wild campers should fit a water filter, that way if they are ever not sure about the quality of the water they fill up with.  the less water you use, the slower your grey tank will fill so use fresh water sparingly. if you really want to eek out the last of your water, there are lots of water saving tips.

When Motorhome wild Camping, Don’t waste that 4 pints of water while your waiting for your shower water to get to temperature, catch it in a bucket, and you can put it back in your tank, or use it to rinse dishes etc.

Before washing up, clean plates and cutlery thoroughly with tissues, this will ensure you use much less water.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Motorhome Wild Camping

Learn how to shower using the minimum of water, wet yourself, turn off the tap, soap up, then a quick rinse and repeat.

Wet wipes add to your dry waste but can save a lot of water, when washing face and hands etc.

Depending where you are it can be difficult getting your water tanks refilled.  Many wild campers just book onto a campsite 1 day in five and replenish, some fulltime wild campers refuse to pay for sites and they track down there water at grave yards, garages and service stations etc. As water meters become more widespread then finding free water will become harder.

Grey Waste Disposal (dish water, shower water)

When wild camping grey water (washing and washing up water) is the easiest waste to get rid of, you’ll know your full when the shower won’t drain or has dishwater in it. You are probably aware that at times grey water can smell worse than black!  So its best to dump it well away from where you are camping.   Ideally this will be at a designated area at an aire or campsite, but sometimes it’s necessary to lose some in the wilderness. If this is your plan then ensure that you use environmentally friendly soaps and detergents.

When Motorhome wild Camping If you must lose some grey water; getting rid of into a hedge line or in some scrub or field is not going to do any harm, especially if it’s a one off.  However too much grey in one place will harm vegetation and get very smelly, so do spread it around. Don’t just let it drain through a dump hose, it looks terrible and the public will complain.  Letting a small amount of grey out as you drive along should not do any harm and will evaporate soon enough

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Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

General Information and Guidelines

Wild Camping:

If you are out an about on Islay and like to camp in the wild keep in mind the following:

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Parking on the beach

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, wild camping is permitted provided it is short term (ie 2-3 nights) and only involves few people. Please also bear in mind the following advice when camping in the wild: Be considerate and remember people have to make a living from the land. Stay away from houses and farms, unless you have asked for permission first, and don’t camp on agricultural fields. Although lighting an open fire is not illegal, it’s better to avoid open fires all together due to a high fire risk on peaty soils. Don’t ever disturb wildlife, better find an alternative location. Always bag up your rubbish and take it with you when you leave.

Hire Motorhome Scotland

Isle of Islay by Motorhome


Unfortunately Midges found the Isle of Islay as well. Although the numbers are nothing compared to some other parts of Scotland they can still be a pest when the conditions are right.

Midges are active from May to September and the females have a nasty habit of stinging. More information and some good tips on how to avoid them can be found on the Islay Weblog: Midges on Islay – Tips and Information

Isle of Islay by Motorhome…Parking your motorhome:

The Road Traffic Act 1988 makes it an offence to drive a motor vehicle onto private land without lawful authority. No offence is committed, however, where a person drives within 15 yards of a public road for the purpose of parking. However, this does not imply that a person has a right to do so.

Pitching up at the side of a public road is not considered wild camping, however remote the route. Better to use an official campsite with sanitation facilities if there is one available in the area. If you have to camp by the road, avoid overused sites, take particular care with toilet hygiene, pitch late and leave early.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

There are two official campsites on the Isle of Islay, the details of which can be found below. An unofficial but very lovely place to park a motorhome is at the head of Loch Indaal on the north side between Bridgend and Bruichladdich. Remember that there are no facilities here.

Be considerate:

Whatever you do, camping wild or parking your motorhome on the side of the road, always use your common sense and respect the flora and fauna of Islay and its landowners who have to make a living from the land. Keep in mind the following slogan and you’re allright:

Take Nothing but Pictures – Leave Nothing but Footprints – Kill Nothing but Time

Further relevant sources of information:

Islay Community Access Group

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Campsites on Islay

Name: Kintra Farm

Location: Kintra – 3 miles from Port Ellen

Details: Camping and Caravanning pitches are available from April to September among the shelter of the dunes beside the sea and surf. Terrain is grassy, sandy, free draining and entirely natural. You’re pretty much free to pitch where you like.

Facilities: Three water stand pipes, a converted farm steading to house toilets, wash-hand basins and showers with hot and cold water, and a unisex disabled toilet. No electrical hook-up points available.

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This is a review from a French family  who were touring scotland by motorhome.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Touring Scotland by motorhome


Have returned to work and daily business after touring scotland by motorhome …. But the pictures and experiences of Scotland stay with us in our minds and whenever stress seems overwhelming, thinking back to that peaceful landscape helps a lot to relax.

Touring Scotland by motorhome

Touring Scotland by motorhome


As you already know, we highly appreciated your professional, personal and kind support and the perfect organisation from the beginning to the end of our holiday. As it was our first holiday in Scotland with a motorhome, we had arrived slightly nervous about driving on the left, single-track roads or wild camping, but you managed to reassure us very fast with your helpful advice and profound knowledge.


You provided everything we needed to start out on our journey, even the beds were already made! One of the most practical things was the most beautiful wild camping spots we could ever imagine. Together with the numerous hints you gave us on amazing places we might want to visit, this made our trip truly memorable. We will never forget the breathtaking moment when the deer visited us in front of the motorhome on Applecross beach! The children also enjoyed being so close to nature and playing at the most beautiful beaches just in front of the motorhome – they were really sad when we had to get home.


Throughout our holiday, we felt we could rely on you and knew you were available for advice any time – so we really had three absolutely carefree weeks! Thanks a lot for making this possible. We recommend everyone to choose Scottish Tourer and hope we can make it back to you soon.


Motorhome Holiday

Motorhome Holiday … have you ever fancied it ?

A Motorhome Holiday is a fantastic way to explore a new location comfortably and on budget. The motorhome or the campervans are rightly called “hotels on wheels” as these vehicles come with an amazing facility of accommodation and travel and thus are the most favorite choice of transport for the smart tourists. The post below highlights some of the main advantages of taking to motorhome hire services.

Motorhome Holiday

view from our hire motorhome in scotland

A Motorhome Holiday is a Homely Feeling

As told earlier you will find the motorhome vehicles with accommodation facilities. The motorhome vehicles come with both sleeping berths and showers which enable you to spend the entire holiday with your group inside the campervan only.

There is no need to arrange for a separate hotel for your dining, sleeping or bathroom needs.

You have the liberty to take rest inside the vehicle only and that too comfortably if you are tired of camping. These campervans are especially suitable when you are travelling with kids as the little ones might get bored and exhausted on long camping soon and if you have a motorhome they can have their much needed break or a nap whenever they would like too thus ensuring of  a stress free travel for the entire group.

Motorhome Holiday

Wild Camping, West Coast of Scotland

On Time Reporting

If you have opted for a motorhome holiday  you can be assured of on-time reporting as the rental services are usually punctual being the professionals. You would just need to mention your pick up and drop off location and date and they would reach up to you just accordingly.

Motorhome Holiday

Sunset, Skye Scotland.

Budgeted Travel

A Motorhome holiday is always an economical way of exploring a new place. As per the comparison studies, opting for campervan rental is smarter and cheaper since here you don’t have to pay for the hotel and car rental fares separately.

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Hiring a Motorhome

Hiring a Motorhome is becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice, here we take a look at the freedom and fun that motor homing can offer.

Hiring a Motorhome

Parking on the beach Scotland

Air travel delays due to strikes and the news constantly reporting on unrest in many countries could be one reason the Caravan Club have reported a record breaking year in terms of subscriptions and the UK holiday is once more gaining in popularity

Buying a Motorhome can be expensive and generally do not get used more than a few weeks a year, so the option of Hiring a Motorhome is very appealing.

Hiring a Motorhome

Modern motor homes are spacious, comfortable and children love the adventure not to mention us adults get the chance to completely unwind, precious family time takes on a whole new meaning after a week or two of enjoying the freedom,

You really are free to do as you please, unlike the conventional holiday where you stay in one place with a motorhome simply hit the road and turn up at the next destination. If you can not decide where you want to go this summer why not plan a multi stop trip, a good motorhome lets you do this with ease.

Hiring a Motorhome

A Beach in Scotland

Hiring a Motorhome to Explore the UK, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Devon to name just a few, the sites are generally very clean packed with amenities and best of all very cost effective. In peak holiday season it is advisable to book your preferred campsite in advance as the last thing you want is to arrive only to find the site fully booked

If you are feeling a little more adventurous why not head for Europe, the world really is your oyster Just imagine waking up from a good night sleep opening the door on to beautiful beach in the south of France, the bottom of a ski run in the alps or a gorgeous vineyard in northern Italy,

we supply everything you need to get going, crockery, cooking utensils, TV and DVD are all included, sat nav, tables and chairs are available for a small charge.

When Hiring a Motorhome we give you a thorough briefing of how everything works and will be on hand via the phone throughout the hire period to assist you if you need us,

So if you fancy fun packed adventure instead this year, do not fancy packing everything you need in to one suitcase to get it on the plane, you wouldn’t mind avoiding the long queues at airports not to mention the delays or even cancellation then seriously consider Hiring a motorhome for your holiday holiday and the freedom on offer

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