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Exploring Scotland by motorhome


Here are few places as special as the mountains of Assynt and mid-Sutherland.  and few better ways of exploring them than in a motorhome.

North-west Scotland is one of the few true wildernesses in Britain, and by definition is not, therefore, the easiest place to find room and board.

With a motorhome, however.  you are perfectly placed to investigate every mountain.  loch and river in whatever weather Scotland has to throw at you.

Exploring Scotland by Motorhome

Overlooking Beach Scotland

Our hire vehiclesare built on a Fiat frame, and are the ideal motorhomefor  novices. The 2.2-litre diesel engine is not underpowered despite 128bhp on paper.  and will push along comfortably at 65-70mph on the motorway.

And when the motorhome reaches the Highlands it will happily cope with  the mountains roads and negotiating the narrower and windier roads into the West Highlands.

Exploring Scotland by motorhome

Views in Scotland

Forget the stereotype of motorhomes and caravans, parked cheek by jowl, recreating a comfortable suburbia wherever two or three meet.

The great joy of the modern motorhome is complete independence and, where it is allowed, the ability to park up any time and anywhere.

There is no need, either, to plug into camp site electrics, as the leisure battery charges as you drive – in fact, the greatest asset is that you don’t have to be connected to anything. But when the mood takes.

The Caravan Club has some spectacular sites in the north-west of Scotland, if only for what the Army used to call a “running replenish”: rubbish out and food in, without even turning the engine off.

Exploring Scotland by Motorhome

Exploring Scotland by Motorhome

Our Motorhomes can be parked up almost anywhere .. beaches, Mountains, basically anywhere that takes your fancy , Motorhoming is all about going where you want and when you want .. total freedom.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Exploring Scotland by Motorhome

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Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

General Information and Guidelines

Wild Camping:

If you are out an about on Islay and like to camp in the wild keep in mind the following:

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Parking on the beach

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, wild camping is permitted provided it is short term (ie 2-3 nights) and only involves few people. Please also bear in mind the following advice when camping in the wild: Be considerate and remember people have to make a living from the land. Stay away from houses and farms, unless you have asked for permission first, and don’t camp on agricultural fields. Although lighting an open fire is not illegal, it’s better to avoid open fires all together due to a high fire risk on peaty soils. Don’t ever disturb wildlife, better find an alternative location. Always bag up your rubbish and take it with you when you leave.

Hire Motorhome Scotland

Isle of Islay by Motorhome


Unfortunately Midges found the Isle of Islay as well. Although the numbers are nothing compared to some other parts of Scotland they can still be a pest when the conditions are right.

Midges are active from May to September and the females have a nasty habit of stinging. More information and some good tips on how to avoid them can be found on the Islay Weblog: Midges on Islay – Tips and Information

Isle of Islay by Motorhome…Parking your motorhome:

The Road Traffic Act 1988 makes it an offence to drive a motor vehicle onto private land without lawful authority. No offence is committed, however, where a person drives within 15 yards of a public road for the purpose of parking. However, this does not imply that a person has a right to do so.

Pitching up at the side of a public road is not considered wild camping, however remote the route. Better to use an official campsite with sanitation facilities if there is one available in the area. If you have to camp by the road, avoid overused sites, take particular care with toilet hygiene, pitch late and leave early.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Isle of Islay by Motorhome

There are two official campsites on the Isle of Islay, the details of which can be found below. An unofficial but very lovely place to park a motorhome is at the head of Loch Indaal on the north side between Bridgend and Bruichladdich. Remember that there are no facilities here.

Be considerate:

Whatever you do, camping wild or parking your motorhome on the side of the road, always use your common sense and respect the flora and fauna of Islay and its landowners who have to make a living from the land. Keep in mind the following slogan and you’re allright:

Take Nothing but Pictures – Leave Nothing but Footprints – Kill Nothing but Time

Further relevant sources of information:

Islay Community Access Group

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Campsites on Islay

Name: Kintra Farm

Location: Kintra – 3 miles from Port Ellen

Details: Camping and Caravanning pitches are available from April to September among the shelter of the dunes beside the sea and surf. Terrain is grassy, sandy, free draining and entirely natural. You’re pretty much free to pitch where you like.

Facilities: Three water stand pipes, a converted farm steading to house toilets, wash-hand basins and showers with hot and cold water, and a unisex disabled toilet. No electrical hook-up points available.

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Motorhome Holiday

Motorhome Holiday … have you ever fancied it ?

A Motorhome Holiday is a fantastic way to explore a new location comfortably and on budget. The motorhome or the campervans are rightly called “hotels on wheels” as these vehicles come with an amazing facility of accommodation and travel and thus are the most favorite choice of transport for the smart tourists. The post below highlights some of the main advantages of taking to motorhome hire services.

Motorhome Holiday

view from our hire motorhome in scotland

A Motorhome Holiday is a Homely Feeling

As told earlier you will find the motorhome vehicles with accommodation facilities. The motorhome vehicles come with both sleeping berths and showers which enable you to spend the entire holiday with your group inside the campervan only.

There is no need to arrange for a separate hotel for your dining, sleeping or bathroom needs.

You have the liberty to take rest inside the vehicle only and that too comfortably if you are tired of camping. These campervans are especially suitable when you are travelling with kids as the little ones might get bored and exhausted on long camping soon and if you have a motorhome they can have their much needed break or a nap whenever they would like too thus ensuring of  a stress free travel for the entire group.

Motorhome Holiday

Wild Camping, West Coast of Scotland

On Time Reporting

If you have opted for a motorhome holiday  you can be assured of on-time reporting as the rental services are usually punctual being the professionals. You would just need to mention your pick up and drop off location and date and they would reach up to you just accordingly.

Motorhome Holiday

Sunset, Skye Scotland.

Budgeted Travel

A Motorhome holiday is always an economical way of exploring a new place. As per the comparison studies, opting for campervan rental is smarter and cheaper since here you don’t have to pay for the hotel and car rental fares separately.

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Motorhome Routes Scotland


Day 1 – , Motorhome Routes Scotland, Perth to Arisaig (4 hours – 160 miles)

Leave Perth up the A9.  turn off at Dawhinnie head for Fort William  stop here for some shopping. Got to  Arisaig and check into Sunnysite campsite. Very nice campsite with excellent facilities. And fantastic views , Around £18-£20 per night for 2 people with electrical hookup.  Day 2 – Arisaig – Skye (60 miles) Short drive to Mallaig for the first ferry over to Armadale on Skye. Travel up the west cost and back down the East , Excellent local butcher! Stay at the Kinloch campsite .   which  is really good for around £20 including electricity hookup. Walk for 5-10 minutes up to the main road and go for dinner at The Old Schoolhouse ,,  This restaurant is highly recommended to Then drive over the Skye bridge to take some pictures of our favourite castle Eilean Donan at Kyle of Lochalsh)

Motorhome Routes Scotland

Motorhome Routes Scotland .. On the Ferry

Day 3 – Skye , Motorhome Routes Scotland, – Harris (30 miles)

45 minute drive up to Uig to catch the next ferry over to Tarbert on the Isle of Harris. First place to visit was Hushinish beach on the west coast. It was a single track road which will take around 40 minutes to get there, You will pass through the Amhuinnsuidhe estate. This seems like you are about to drive through someone’s back garden but it is the main road. Leaving Huishinish we headed back towards Tarbert and to the campsite, Lickisto Blackhouse Camping. This campsite has an original blackhouse which has a communal area with fire and lounge area.

Motorhome Routes Scotland

Motorhome Routes Scotland

 Day 4 – Isle of Harris exploring

From Lickisto head north towards the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village and then onto the standing stones at Callanish (all on the A858). Callanish has a nice visitor centre where where you can have a lovely lunch. Next stop the Harris Tweed shop in Tarbert  before heading south to the beautiful bay on the road to Luskentyre. This is a massive sandy bay which is a nice stop on a sunny day From Luskentyre Then head to Leverburgh.

 Day 5 – North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist (around 60 miles)

Once over on North Uist  head for MacLeans Bakery and Butcher  at Uachdar to pick up some extra supplies. for lunch follow signs for the Hebridean Jewellery Café at Iochdar.   The café is lovely as is the shop!   T

 Day 6 – Eriskay to Barra , At the ferry “terminal” there is a drain to empty the waste water and also a hose to fill up with fresh water. Once on Barra  head to Vatersay. We had a play on the beach before lunch in the motorhome. From here we headed out towards Barra airport and watched the planes landing and taking off from the beach (check with flybe for flight times!). As it was still the afternoon we went back to Castlebay and took Aaron for a swim at the local swimming pool. We went for dinner at the Craigard hotel which was unfortunately pretty poor considering the price (£17 for frozen scampi and chips!!!). We just parked up in the ferry queue for the night as we were leaving on the 7am ferry.

Day 7 – Barra ferry to Oban the drive to Killin (55 miles, 1 hour 20) After the 7 hour ferry crossing to Oban we slowly made our way to our last campsite at Killin. We stayed at the Maragowan campsite, slightly more expensive as we are not members with the Caravan Club. We walked along the main road of Killin and ended up at the Old Smiddy. This is an excellent restaurant (although very busy) which also does takeaway. Day 8 – Killin to Perth(50 miles, 1 hour 20) via  Motorhome Routes Scotland

Motorhome Scotland Where to hire?

Motorhome Scotland How to choose a Hire company for touring


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome Scotland …This article gives invaluable help in choosing a Motorhome Scotland Hire  Company for touring Scotland including what type of Company and Motorhomes to avoid. HIRE MOTORHOME  SCOTLAND Remember that the Motorhome you hire is where you will be living in, sleeping in, eating in, and driving in for the period you have hired it for,

Therefore it is crucial you have a modern well equipped vehicle of a size which is applicable to the size and age of your party.

Motorhome manufacturers tend to build the vehicles as compact as possible

A motor home advertised as a 5 Berth would be totally unsuitable for any more than 3 Adults but would probably suit 2 adults and 2 children, A 6 berth motor home would only suit up to 4 adults maximum or 2 adults with 3 to 4 small children.

Many 7 berth motorhomes are based on the six berth model but one of the lounge seats converts to a single.

A true 7 berth with reasonable space will typically be 7.2 metres or over, Try to hire a Motorhome where every adult or person over 12 has a fixed bed , otherwise you will find yourself very cramped and having to make up beds late at night which in some motorhomes is like flat pack furniture building. Motorhome Hire Scotland



Be very careful in checking the price and what is included, Many Companies who hire out a motorhome in Scotland don’t include Insurance in the quoted prices,

Also some advertise a week as the hire period this in many cases is only 6 nights collect say Saturday  am Return Friday pm, Look for a company who gives you seven nights for your money. Many charge Extra for picnic table and chairs, barbeque, cycle rack Etc.

Also you should also not be paying more than £500.00 security deposit and you should get this back when you return the Motorhome in good undamaged condition, (broken crockery is fair wear and tear and should not be charged)

A wind out awning is essential make sure this is fitted. Check the age of the Motorhome if it over four years old .. give it a miss as its probably a bit tatty after 4 years hiring.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Your hired Motorhome Scotland should come with the following extras

included in the hire price, If it does not then choose another Motorhome hire company

  • § Full Comprehensive Insurance
  • § Colour Rear view camera
  • § Satellite Navigation
  • § Blue tooth hand free phone connection
  • § Flat Screen TV /DVD Player with multi slot (digital picture viewing)
  • § Picnic table and chairs
  • § Wind out Awning with Led exterior lighting
  • § Fold out Barbeque
  • § Rear Bike Rack
  • § Gas included however if you run low the Motorhome should have refillable bottles which can be topped up at most fuel stations with LPG
  • § Full comprehensive set of crockery for the size of your party
  • § Cruise control and Six Speed gearbox
  • § First Aid Kit, Gas alarm, Smoke alarm, Fire Extinguisher.
  • § Torch, Binoculars
  • § Toilet Fluid, Cleaning materials
  • § List of wild camping spots, Maps and books on what to do and see in Scotland
  • § 25 metre Electric hook up cable, 25 metre water filer hose
  • Motorhome Hire Scotland

Most of the big advertising companies at the top of the Google search pages do not own any Motorhomes whatsoever they are office based providers who advertise private owners  Motorhomes on their glossy web page for hire and take around 40% of what you pay,

The owner only gets 60% that’s why we hear of  so many cases where at the last minute the Motorhome you had booked is not available and is substituted for another which is invariably much older and not the same specification as you originally booked but by this time it is to late to search around for another Motorhome hire company,

You will be using a private owners personal property which they may have paid a lot of money for (or in some cases not a lot of money!!), so the slightest scratch or broken plate  can see you lose your damage deposit,

in most cases they will remove all the extras they consider as personal property in case they are damaged so you could end up with a basic vehicle which is not adequate in our opinion for a touring holiday.


Motorhome Hire Scotland


We own and have paid for all the Motorhomes in our fleet, We (Company Owners) personally  inspect and test everything on every Motorhome before every hire, If you require Airport transfers it will be one of us who will meet you and return you to the Airport, and it will be one of us who will show you around your Motorhome and give advice on sightseeing and things to do in the areas you want to visit.

You will be given our mobile numbers which you can contact us on 24/7 even if its late at night just to find somewhere nice to stop or even to check the internet for a nice restaurant in the area. We are here to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday in Scotland in a modern, immaculately clean, fully equipped touring Motorhome. Via – Hire Motorhome Scotland

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