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Tips on Selling Your Motorhome

Most motorhome owners will at some point in their lives be in the situation of selling their vehicle or exchanging it for a newer model its worthwhile having a look at the Motorhome Hire companies these are usually very well maintained. Of course it is imperative you get the best price possible and there are several things you can do to help bring this about.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

On the Beach in Scotland in your Rental Motorhome

It is relatively easy these days to find a website or even a mobile phone text messaging service to find out the approximate value of your motorhome, and this is worth doing if you are selling privately, negotiating with a used motorhome dealer or a motorhome hire comany or buying a brand new model direct from the manufacturer.

Tidy up

The first thing to do is give your motor home a spring clean. Start on the inside by clearing all the floors and getting rid of old newspapers, brochures parking slips etc. and then give it a good clean out with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean down all the woodwork and don’t forget the oven, it will be tiresome but worth it. On the outside make sure you use cleaning products that leave a shiny finish, and tyre paint will be worth spending a few pounds on as it will catch the eye of prospective vendors. Also if you place an advert, a picture will make your vehicle stand out.

It is advisable to tidy up underneath the bonnet as well. Check your oil, brake fluid and windscreen washers are at acceptable levels and a steam clean (careful not to get a high pressure jet in the electrics) may be worthwhile if you are selling privately.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Sunset in your rental motorhome

Check credentials

If you are placing an advert in a magazine or local paper try and avoid using abbreviations. There is no need to go overboard with your descriptions but make sure you mention the best features of the vehicle and any added extras.

If you are the only owner and have a full service history of the motorhome then this is also worth mentioning as of course is the colour. Remember to be on your guard once you start to get enquiries about a sale. It a sad fact but thieves will pose as buyers, so never let the buyer go on a test drive on their own and don’t leave the buyer alone with the keys in the ignition.

Check that your motorhome insurance will allow other drivers to take a test drive if its a motorhome hire company they will have insurance, and if it doesn’t make sure the prospective buyer has insurance of their own before they get behind the wheel. Check their identity and if you are being paid in cash arrange for a meeting at a bank so you can bank the money in their presence.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

On the Ferry in your rental motorhome

Used Motorhomes

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Motorhomes For Sale Scotland

A good way to get into motorhomes is to snap up a bargain with a second hand vehicle. Motorhome sales and purchases tend to be pretty fluid and at any one time you ought to be able to find a good deal somewhere.

Where to buy?

Most people will start by researching their purchase online and there can definitely be some value in buying online: at the cheaper end of the market you might find some rarities and bargains. Some people will prefer to go to a dealer where you’ll have much more choice easily accessible, but if it’s something very specific you want then private adverts in newspapers or local trade publications can still be pretty good.

What to look for?

Quality is an important issue and you really don’t want something breaking down on you on your first trip. Warrantees from dealers or nearly-new manufacturer’s warrantees can be worth their weight in gold. Equally, don’t be sold by quirky modifications if you’re dubious about their longevity – often it’s only when you’ve spent some time getting to know a motorhome you really work out where its faults are.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Wild Camping in your Hire Motorhome

Buying second-hand

You’ll need to make sure you get yourself covered with cheap motorhome insurance but always look for something that gives you a good level of cover. Some insurance policies might look good value but won’t protect you in the case of a claim. Equally, be sure to register your vehicle on the road and get your tax paid – this is something that dealers are very good at helping you sort out but there’s plenty of advice online if you’re unsure.

Second-hand motorhomes are a really neat way into the market and there’s often plenty of stock floating around you should certainly consider buy an ex rental motorhome. Search high and low, forecourts to little private ads, if you’re looking for something a little bit niche and always research what you want thoroughly before parting with your hard earned cash.

Picking the Right Motorhome

Investing in a motorhome is a big commitment and so it is advised to not rush into picking one but to look at a variety of different options. After all, this will be like a second home and you should put as much thought into buying it as you would a property. If you are looking to buy a motorhome, here are some of the main things you should take into consideration when picking your new home on 4 wheels.


First and foremost you need to make sure that your motorhome is going to accommodate you and your family. You may step inside one you like and think it has ample space, but wait until it is filled with a whole family, the space may soon run out!

One way to get around this is to see if you can test a new motorhome for a weekend before purchasing it. You don’t need to plan a holiday or get all kitted out, you could simply stay in the motorhome on your driveway and see if you can all comfortably fit it. If not, you may need to look for a bigger model.

Old vs. New

When looking to buy a motorhome you may be tempted into getting a cheaper one second hand, rather than purchasing a new one straight out of the showroom. However, although this may save you a few pounds upfront, you may pay for it in other ways in the long term.

For one thing, the interior of a used motorhome will likely be worn and may be in need of repair. Not only that, but if it is an older model it may be less fuel efficient and also lack more modern security devices, which will mean a larger motorhome insurance premium. If you can afford the initial outlay, you may be safer purchasing a motorhome from new.


The other thing to think about before purchasing a motorhome is where you are going to take it. Scotland has the most dramatic scenery in the UK, Especially up the west coast of Scotland If you are thinking of travelling all around Europe in it and going away multiple times a year, you need to make sure that it is comfortable for the driver and in good enough condition to handle the heavy mileage.

Most motorhomes, old and new, will easily be able to amble around the UK once a year but some will not be able to handle long journeys across Europe ever couple of months. It is worth checking the mileage of any second home motorhomes and the service mileage of any new vehicles before purchase.

Buying a motorhome is a very big commitment, but if you shop around, do some research and go prepared you are sure to find the vehicle of your dreams!

Kitting out your New Motorhome

So you’ve done it at last. The purchase you always dreamed about, and wondered if you could ever afford, your very own motorhome. It will be one of the biggest investments of your life and if you have bought from new then there is still quite a few more purchases you need to make. In Scotland wild camping is widly allowed more especially up the North and the more remote areas, Some hire companies kit there hire Motorhomes out specifically for this purpose

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Narrow road for a hire motorhome

Insurance a priority

First and foremost you need to make sure you have motorhome insurance, without it you cannot take the vehicle anywhere. The insurance should not only cover the cost of the motor home but the considerable amount of kit you now have inside it, and boy will it be a lot of stuff!

It is almost impossible to fully kit out your new motorhome straight away, as you will find it difficult to itemise a list that covers all your needs and secondly you will probably only really find out what you need once you have stayed in your motorhome and discovered what essentials you are missing.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Stopped for lunch in our Rental Motorhome

Don’t mix and match

If it is your first motorhome then it is guaranteed you are going to need some help with your list. There are plenty of forums on the internet that may help and of course there are plenty of common sense items that will immediately come to mind, Some times it may be worthwhile hiring a motorhome from a rental company to try before you buy

One trap many people fall into is trying to share their house equipment with the motor home… don’t bother. There is a big difference in the design of equipment for a home and one for a motorhome, just like there is a difference between campervan insurance and van insurance.

Beds in a motorhome are not the generous size beds most people have at home; therefore quilts and sheets won’t fit. Kitchen pots and pans are generally smaller and work off different types of fuel. Torches, matches and candles are guaranteed to be in the other home when they are most needed. You are far better kitting out your motorhome separately.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Typical Camp spot in Scotland for your hire motorhome

Stay close to home at first

One good tip for those trying out their new motorhome for the first time is to spend a weekend on their own driveway. That way they can experiment without embarrassment. It will allow you to get used to the stove, the sleeping arrangements and toileting. It will give you a good idea of the absolute basic requirements for your first trip and get you used to the living space.

Another tip worth remembering is that seasoned travellers usually buy their equipment from shops like Tesco, Argos and Morrison’s, they work out a lot cheaper than speciality camping outlets and the products are often equally as good.

Places to Visit in you Hire / Rental Motorhome

Whether you have resided in britain your overall life or you may be travelling to your country to your initial period, motorhome hire / rental retain is arguably optimum and a good number of stimulating means of searching virtually all nooks in England, N . Ireland, Scotland along with Wales. Numerous visitors that happen to be new to your UK, specifically those through bigger regions, get typically the untrue notion that they’ll journey out of your tip with the Scottish Highlands to your edge with the Cornish region in several hours.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Our Fleet of Rental Motorhomes

Although england is rather tiny, there is plenty of people moving into it along with travelling around will need longer than you anticipate. If you get a short time or a couple weeks to journey in britain then you will get the a good number of satisfying escape by concentrating your attention even on a small locale or organizing your journey carefully. You can elect to explore some county as well as region for example south western world. Check your map and then determine the amount of training between varied UK regions and decide unique plausible to operate a vehicle between them from a certain period. Don’t neglect to set aside time designed for visiting sites and just relaxing inside your hire / rental motorhome retain vehicle! t!

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Motorhome Rental on the Beach in Scotland

It is obvious why camper hire stands out as the top trip choice the revolutionary system .. A hire car to be able to drive around locations comfortably. But subsequently what on earth do you use seeing that accommodation? A tent can be a plausible selection, but if you find yourself left out inside the rain as well as sharing factories with some others. A inn might provide you with privacy however it could equally break your financial allowance. Carting your personal property in and beyond hotel space and after college dorm will come to be tiresome along with eat inside your important holiday period. Motorhome rental allow you to stop once you you intend to stop. You might stop where you intend to stop. Family and friends or close friends get whole control over any type of holiday you’ve gotten and typically the places the simple truth is and the points you achieve. You might save a king’s ransom on food items and crohns disease by preparing meals inside your motorhome hire / rental vehicle. The preparing facilities onboard ensure it is easy to whip delicious plates in seconds.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

A view from your Rental Motorhome in Scotland

It’s simple to buying a more steeply-priced motorhome as well as RV rather than you earlier needed or simply wanted along with RV marketers are nearly always concerned a good number of with getting the large dollar sale instead of ensuring you discover the RV that a majority of fits both your requirements and your financial allowance. Of study course, that is absolutely not always possible and numerous dealers are customer focused, but nearly always they are merely interested to generate the sale whatever it takes.
That means you have to take steps to guard yourself and save your mind concentrated on what is the most suitable for your requirements after typically the sale is produced, and among the finest ways for doing that is to experience as most of the judgement making operation on auto-pilot before you decide to ever possibly step upon a dealer’s great deal. How are you able to do of which?

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Sea views from Your Rental Motorhome in Scotland

If you need to make an individual’s holidays exclusive than retain motorhome through Northern Camper Hire the foremost comfortable along with outstanding way to offer the destination. Take a great entry constantly in their website and you will probably come to recognize the greatest option to have pleasure to the entire escape. Through N . campervan Hire you are likely to surely experience different things. Walk throughout the different alternatives and you will probably say ?WOW’.
In this article three clever motorhomes tend to be accessible. Typically the motorhomes tend to be 2, 3 along with 4 berth along with all use popular Citroen Inform. These motorhomes delivers you the opportunity to explore quite a few places which will possibly not gain through larger trainer built motorhomes. You certainly will enjoy cruising with 2. 2Hdi serp.
To florida west tell a lie the Cairngorm Mountains as well as the 2km very long funicular train. Visit typically the RSPB osprey close off near Loch Garten subsequently take typically the Strathspey Vapor Railway through Boat in Garten to help you Aviemore, famous designed for skiing and skiing.
Ballindalloch, castle home with the Lairds in Ballindalloch as 1546, houses the most seasoned Aberdeen Angus herd.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Sunset over Skye in Sctland

Hire a Motorhome For Touring Scotland

Motorhomes to Hire For Touring in Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Tour Scotland’s regions in a motorhome to retain the comforts of home as you travel. You can either use your own vehicle or hire or rent a motorhome these are available at various locations. Motorhomes are the ideal solution for a great holiday, offering the freedom to visit the country at your own pace and enjoy welcoming holiday parks. Many of the hire / rental motorhome companies offer motorhomes for wild campint (not having to use pay campsites overnight

Motorhome Hire Scotland

VisitScotland Holiday Parks Quality Assurance scheme now has a requirement that all parks accepting motorhomes which have more than 50 touring pitches provide a motor vehicle waste disposal point. Take the hassle out of your trip and stay at one of these sites, safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

Head to the east coast for some fantastic smaller sites such as the Sauchope Links Caravan Park in Crail or the Deeside Holiday Park, which is just six miles from the granite city of Aberdeen. Whether you are looking to walk the Fife Coastal Path, want to soak up the maritime heritage, or simply wish to enjoy city attractions which include the Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums, there is plenty to choose from.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

The Highlands is a great destination for outdoor activities with walking, cycling and fishing on offer and you can venture to touring parks which include Invernahavon Caravan Site at Newtonmore. Why not journey to the Isle of Skye to absorb the tranquillity of island life during your break? The Scenery on Scotland’s west coast is spectacular and many opportunities are available to stop overnight in your hire / rental motorhome in the most remote and spectacular scenery in the UK

You might find it hard to believe that you can enjoy a holiday park just four miles from Edinburgh Castle at Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park, a great base for exploring Scotland’s beautiful capital city with its stately architecture, old cobbled streets and the wonderful Georgian New Town. With park and ride facilities so no need to drive a large motorhome into the city

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Whether you want to enjoy Scotland’s scenic landscapes, prefer culture in the city or wish to mix and match, Touring Scotland in a motorhome could not be erasier, Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire is ideally based for your Scottish Tour.

Motorhoming in the UK


But, to get the conversation started, and to begin this epic adventure, we’d like to offer some of our thoughts on the matter of motorhoming in the UK. After all, this is where we are based, and where the majority of our customers are based, so it makes sense to start at home.

The UK countryside offers great diversity, we have beautiful beaches with wonderful white sand and calm turquoise sea,… We also have dramatic clifftops with crashing waves and a wide array of wildlife and weather. And that’s just the coastline… Inland is just as diverse, with wide areas of flat land, with nothing to interrupt the horizon but a few wind-swept trees and lonely cottages, to high peaks and mountains offering wonderful views from the top. There are many nature reserves throughout the country, and every county you visit is likely to offer something special, whether it’s a rare bird or plant, or a wonderful view – there is something for all nature lovers to see.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Then there’s the history. A country as old as Blighty is going to have some history! We have majestic and incomprehensible Stone Age monuments, such as Stonehenge (how did they get those stones there?); religious buildings aplenty with cathedrals and churches, abbeys and priories… Then there are the battlegrounds, forts and other Norman Castles, in all different states of repair.

All this without even mentioning Shakespeare and the rest of our literary heritage…

The UK is a tremendously exciting and interesting place to visit. We truly believe that one could spend a lifetime touring Britain, and still not get bored.

Happy touring!

Warranty for 10 years on new Motorhomes

10-year warranties for motorhomes

Motorhome Hire Scotland
Elddis has announced that its 2012 season Autoquest and Aspire motorhomes will now benefit from a 10 year Body Integrity Warranty.  The Consett-based manufacturer upholds its products are built to last, using the very latest manufacturing techniques and advanced materials technology.

Swift Group says their new 2012 season coachbuilt motorhomes will come with ‘an industry leading 10-year body shell integrity warranty’.  This is in addition to the 3-year manufactures’ warranty on the base vehicle.  An annual service is required to maintain the warranty. Swift Motorhomes can be hired from Scottish Tourer in Perth in Scotland

Motorhome Hire Scotland

95 per cent satisfaction levels for Approved Workshop Scheme
In its first user survey, the  for motorhome and tourer servicing has achieved high satisfaction levels.  Nearly 3,000 caravanners responded to the online survey, after they had used a workshop – a massive 9.5 out of 10 (95 per cent) said they were satisfied with the service received.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Earlier this year, the first ever Workshop Awards were held.  The winners were:
– The Approved Mobile Workshop of the Year – Total Caravan Care
– The Approved Fixed Workshop of the Year – Dave Butlin Caravan Services
– The Approved Dealer Workshop of the Year – Fry’s Caravans Limited

Elddis launches ‘belts equals berths’ campaign
Motorhome manufacturer, Elddis, has launched a ‘belts equals berths’ campaign. The company says it will ensure that there is a seat belt for every designated sleeping berth in every model that it produces.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Latest motorhome models come to London
At the Motorhome Caravan & Camping Show (ExCeL London 14-19 February 2012) a raft of new motorhomes suitable for hire / rental companies will be on show – including models from Auto-Trail, Bailey, Bilbo’s, Elddis, Lunar, Marquis and Swift – there’s a full list on the website.  It’s being billed as the biggest event of its kind in the south of the country.

London Low Emission Zone – pre 2002 motorhomes affected
Owners of older motorhomes are reminded that from 3 January 2012, the London Low Emission Zone standards become tighter. Virtually all the Greater London area is affected and to drive within it without paying a hefty daily charge, vehicles must meet certain emissions standards.  Motorhomes from 2.5-3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight and registered as new before 1 January 2002 are affected, unless fitted with an approved filter to improve the vehicle’s emissions. Otherwise, charges starting at £100 per day will apply.  More information about charges and vehicles affected is available on

Motorhome Hire Scotland

New NCC memberWellhouse Leisure has won the Caravan Industry Motor Caravan Award for its Hyundai i800 conversion, which was commended for its practicality and value for money. The company, which specialises in compact motorhomes, is also a recent winner of the “Make it in Huddersfield” award.


Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham breaks records
The October 2011 Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham attaracted a record-breaking 93,323 visitors and saw a significant increase in sales due to the increase in the hire / rental market

Motorhome Hire Scotland



Motorhome Hire in Scotland is an Affordable Holiday


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Our Hire Fleet

Motorhome Hire combines economy, comfort and flexibility to create wonderful memories. If you are considering Motorhome Hire in Scotland for your next holiday, then you have come to the right place. If you have not thought of doing so before, then read on: Motorhome Hire is a simple and swift solution to all of the headaches that can turn a holiday into a chore. Offering you the ability to go where you want, when you want and how your want (and to stay there for as long as you choose), holidays that start with a Motorhome Hire end with smiles on faces.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camping


One of the best things about a Motorhome Hire holiday in Scotland is its affordability. In these budget conscious times of recession, people are demanding better value from their vacations. When you go with Motorhome Hire, you are combining all of your major holiday overhead expenses into one easy to manage package. Instead of separately paying for hotel rooms at different hotels along your journey and renting a car, Motorhome Hire consolidates these charges into one far smaller payment. On top of that, many Motorhome Hire campervans have full cooking facilities inbuilt, allowing you to control your expenditures by preparing food yourself rather than go to expensive restaurants for every meal.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Island Views

Getting great value out of a holiday by Motorhome Hire, however, does not mean that you will have to compromise on quality. Far from it! Depending of the sort of vacationer you are, you can make a Motorhome Hire holiday in Scotland into any type of holiday you like. If you are the social, outgoing sort, why not try a public campsite or two along your route: many of them offer social events in which you can mingle and swap stories with other members of the campervan community (always a welcoming bunch). On the other hand, if you are looking to just get away from it all, Motorhome Hire lets you strike out on your own, making your own way and providing for all your needs yourself.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Camping On Lewis

Even if you are not planning a holiday at the moment, Motorhome Hire in Scotland can be a practical logistical solution to transport and lodging issues. For example, your son or daughter’s football team has an away game far away from home. Why not turn the transport and lodging problem into an opportunity? Hire a campervan and you can accompany them and turn what would be a logistics hassle into a mini-break.

Motorhome Hire appeals to both the veteran campervan holidaymaker and the novice. For the veteran, if you are thinking of buying a new campervan, why not hire one in its model type to try it out for a few days? For the novice, Motorhome Hire could not be an easier way to start a vacation, getting all the organisation out of the way in one go, leaving you to focus on planning the real, fun parts of your holiday. Motorhome Hire is affordable and easy, and can be booked with just a few clicks of a mouse or a few minutes on the phone; give it a try today.