Motorhome Hire or Buy

The pros and Cons of whether to buy or Hire  A Motorhome.

Motorhomes are a large investment and often the largest purchase made by consumers apart from a house , The Motorhome is only for holidays and normally get very little use , It is also worth remembering that it is not every holiday every year that the Motorhome will be used , The Motorhome will also depreciate every year but certainly not as much as a car would, there are also other cost such as Insurance, Road Tax, and annual maintenance to consider.

For the purposes of this exercise I am assuming a first time buyer and a typical 5 berth Motorhome which is not bottom of the range budget but a reasonable mid range Motorhome fitted with extras such as Flat screen television , awning, picnic table and chairs  etc. The main cost of owning is depreciation this is the difference in price you paid for the Motorhome and the price you will get when you sell it , again for the purpose of this exercise I have assumed 3 years of ownership at an average of  4000 miles per year. You will see many places advertising used motorhomes at inflated prices so you may think my depreciation is way out .. believe it is not are these place selling the Motorhomes at these price ? We have had over 16 Motorhomes in our ownership over the past 25 years or so and never get what is advertised.

Average cost £36000.00

Depreciation on this is around £4000.00 per year based on a residual value of £2400.00 at  three years old.

Road Tax around £225.00 per year.

Annual Maintenance around £300.00 per year

Insurance around £200.00 per year

Total cost of Ownership per annum is around £4750.00

I would estimate the average family would use the Motorhome for a maximum of around 4 weeks per year , To hire a Motorhome for four weeks would cost around  £700.00 per week meaning the cost would be £2800.00 this means that you would save around £200.00 per year hiring rather than buying, However an older retired couple would probably use the Motorhome a lot more and possibly travel to other parts of Europe and their usage would be at least 8 weeks per year so it obvious that if the Motorhome use is over six weeks per year it would be better to own than hire a Motorhome.

When buying a Motorhome remember it is a bit of a compromise layout wise against the size , some lower fixed double bed motorhomes can only squeeze in a combined shower and washroom rather than a separate washroom those that have both tend to be longer and into being over 3500 kg which then means license restrictions such needing a C1 entitlement to drive these, When hiring it is unlikely that you will get the ideal layout as most of these motorhomes are bought for a multiple of customer layouts.

Remember that the Motorhome you hire is where you will be living in, sleeping in, eating in, and driving in for the period you have hired it for, Therefore it is crucial you have a modern well equipped vehicle of a size which is applicable to the size and age of your party. Motorhome manufacturers tend to build the vehicles as compact as possible  A motor home advertised as a 5 Berth would be totally unsuitable for any more than 3 Adults but would probably suit 2 adults and 2 children, A 6 berth motor home would only suit up to 4 adults maximum or 2 adults with 3 to 4 small children. Many 7 berth motorhomes are based on the six berth model but one of the lounge seats converts to a single. A true 7 berth with reasonable space will typically be 7.2 metres or over, Try to hire a Motorhome where every adult or person over 12 has a fixed bed , otherwise you will find yourself very cramped and having to make up beds late at night which in some motorhomes is like flat pack furniture building.

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