Motorhome Driving Tips for your hire / rental Motorhome

Motorhome Driving Tips for your hire / rental Motorhome 


Driving With A Motor Home

Motorhome Hire Scotland

The motor home is larger, taller and heavier than the average vehicle. Usually when you hire or rent a Motorhome, you do not need to have a special license, but you certainly need to be

much more careful while driving especially on the narrow roads in the highland of Scotland.



* Always keep speed limits.
* Never exceed 60 km/h on unsealed or gravel roads.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Height limitations

Remember your height limitations. The motorhome is always higher than you think

it is, The Motorhome / rental hire company should have the height clearly displayed, because of the cab over area and air condition box.

Be careful and keep the road signs while entering tunnels, under bridges,

underground parking area, and other low height spaces.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Weight Limitations

Overweight causes all kinds of problems such as getting out of control or even breakdown. That is why you have to keep the maximum weight permitted.


Backing Up / Parking

Backing up with a motorhome is one of the most common reasons for collisions

and accidents. That is why it should be done very carefully. Many people loose their deposits from the Motorhome rental / hire company due to this.
Because of the length of the motorhome, it is rather difficult to see the whole coach.

Rear and side mirrors are not always very helpful to indicate the situation behind you.


* Never back up without someone to assist you. Ask one of the other

passengers to get off the vehicle and guide you from the outside.
* Leave enough room in front of your motorhome incase you need to drive forward, especially if you are towed to another vehicle.
* Backing up while parking in a campground also requires guidance and direction, because the driver can�t always see what�s behind.


Passing Another Vehicle

Passing another vehicle must be done very carefully since you can not estimate

your own length. Never pass on the right. Use signals to show your intentions and

always accelerate until you finish passing.



Use your mirrors regularly to see what is going on behind you and on your sides.

The mirror on the driver side is always more reliable than the other side mirror. Be sure to set your mirrors before leaving the motorhome hire / rental companies premises

Motorhome Hire Scotland



Since the motorhome is a heavy and large vehicle, it takes it more time to slow

down or accelerate. Avoid sudden stopping by changing gears gently and graduate.

Slow down when entering busy traffic, and make sure you have enough time to stop.


Roads And Highways

Drive in the appropriate lane of the road. Usually in 4 lanes highway, the two right 

lanes are for heavy vehicles and trucks. Drive the motorhome on the right lane of the road, and let

faster vehicles to pass you.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Heavy Vehicles

If there is a truck or another motorhome in front of you, keep safety distance from it

of at least 5 seconds. Keep away from driving side by side with him because he is blocking you sight area.


Motorhome Driving Tips – In Cities

Entering a big city is never pleasant. The traffic is very busy and slow, driving

makes you stress, and finding a parking area is really a problem
* Try to avoid the “Rush Hours” traffic by planning your time schedule.
* Use detailed map of the city. GPS Navigation system is very helpful if you have it.


Motorhome Driving Tips – at Night

Driving at night is not recommended for inexperienced motorhome –drivers especially those who have recently collected the motorhome from the hire / rental company.
* Bumping into stray animals at night is very dangerous, especially in wild life areas, but also in regular roads.
* Parking on the side of the road is very dangerous, especially at night. If for any

reason you need to do it, make sure other drivers can see you, by turning on the

hazard lights.


Hard Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can be unpredictable. Avoid driving in fog, heavy rain, ice, snow

or dust storm. Ice or wet roads can be very slippery and dangerous and need special driving skills. Be aware of crosswinds. Wind suddenly blowing against the side your motorhome may cause a sudden swerve into another lane. In every situation of bad visibility conditions, slow down to minimum and drive very carefully on the right side

of the road. If you are planning to travel on winter, make sure you rent snow chains

or special wheels.


Hazard Lights

In case you are forced to stop on the road, like for example while the road is being

under constructions, turn on your hazard lights to warn the vehicle behind you.


Again please ensure the Motorhome hire / rental company gives you full instructions about driving the motorhome in the country / area you are camping in.



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