Motorhomes have been extremely popular in the UK for decade

Motorhomes have been extremely popular in the UK for decades. There has been a growing market in Scotland for motorhome hire / rental in the past few years, There are several different types as well as different factors to consider when in the market to purchase one.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


Cost depends on several elements. Buying new will almost always cost a person more than buying a used motorhome. Also, the different types of motorhomes relate to how much it’s going to cost. Motorhomes come in Class A, B, C, fifth wheel, and pop up varieties. The most expensive motorhomes are the biggest ones with the most features and convenience. A person has to set a budget and an upper limit price that he’s willing to pay before he decides to go shopping for a motorhome. It’s similar to buying a car. Just keep a fixed price in mind and don’t go over it for the best long term deal. It may be best to hire a motorhome first to try before you buy

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Size and Room

The biggest motorhomes are the longest, the widest and the tallest. They also have the most room. But not every motor home buyer requires this amount of room. Smaller sizes in the different classes are definitely available. Class B and C and the pop ups are much smaller than the huge Class A motorhomes. But some owners delight in having a motorhome that’s tantamount to a second, primary home. They crave the room that can be found in a Class A. So it all depends on how comfortable a person is with living in small, medium or large living quarters.

Motorhome Hire Scotland


The easiest motorhomes to drive are the smaller ones. These include the Class B and C. Class A motorhomes are like driving a tractor trailer at first for the beginner. This is not to say that they can’t be mastered eventually but in the beginning, driving will be difficult. Maneuverability including parking also has to be taken into consideration. Larger ones are harder to manipulate and navigate on narrow, winding roads. Pop ups and fifth wheels have no engines so driving them is contingent on how well a person can handle the towing vehicle that pulls them along.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Storage Factor

It’s definitely important to consider exactly where the motorhome is going to be stored when initially considering buying one. Most people don’t have large enough driveways or yards to store the biggest motorhomes and it can be costly to pay to rent space in a trailer park just for storage and not actually living there. This decision should be carefully thought out. If it looks too big to efficiently store in at one’s home, then maybe a smaller size should be purchased.

Dealer or Private Party

Another important decision is whether to purchase the motorhome from a commercial dealer or a private party cosider buying from a motorhome hire / rental company. Both can be either reputable or unscrupulous depending on their past reputations and the condition of the specific motorhome. So perform some due diligence here by completely checking out the dealership or by asking as many pertinent questions as possible to the individual party concerning why he’s selling it and exactly what’s wrong with it, if anything, to be on the safe side.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

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