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Over the Sea to Skye in your Rental Motorhome

Tour the  Lochs and Glens in your Hire / Rental Motorhome 

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Your Rental Motorhome in Scotland

Your journey starts with a real highpoint as we drive the entire length of the “bonnie, bonnie banks” of Loch Lomond in Scotland in your hire / rental Motorhome. Along the way we cross from the Lowlands and into the Highlands.

As your drive your hire / rental Motorhome. and climb the “Black Mount” there are wonderful views of Loch Tulla below. Soon we are amidst the remote beauty of Rannoch Moor. This unspoilt landscape in Scotland extends over 50 square miles and is one of the great wildernesses of Europe!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Beach Scotland

Glen Coe is quite simply awesome! \park  your hire / rental Motorhome.her for a photo stop in Scotland’s most famous glen. No matter the weather you are sure to be inspired by this very special place. After crossing the Ballachullish Bridge  travel along the banks of Loch Linnhe to reach Fort William. On the outskirts of the town you should be able to enjoy wonderful views of Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest mountain from your hire / rental Motorhome. .

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Scotland Sunset in the Motorhome

Your journey in your hire / rental Motorhome. Takes you into the Great Glen, which was formed many millions of years ago. The result of this activity has left us with an impressive landscape of lochs and mountains.Then travel along the banks of Loch’s Lochy and Oich to reach the village of Invergarry. As you drive through this small community watch out for the “Well of the Seven Heads”, a monument with a very bloody tale to tell!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Castle in Scotland

You are now heading across Scotland in your hire / rental Motorhome.  and heading for the west coast. Glen Shiel is home to the “Five Sisters”, a range of five mountains of which 4 are over 3,000 feet high. Soon picturesque Eilean Donan Castle which we consider Scotlands best castle will come into view. This is, without doubt, one of Scotland’s most iconic sights. The castle stands on a little island situated at the confluence of Loch’s Alsh and Duich. You will have time to discover the castle for your ourselves during our stop here.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Parked up in the Rental Motorhome

Finally we travel “over the sea to Skye” in your hire / rental Motorhome. by the modern road bridge and make for nearby Kyleakin, Ample wild camp places are available to make a home for tonight.

Overnight: Kyleakin (Isle of Skye)

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Sunset Isle of Skye Dcotland

Day Two

Magical Isles and Kilt Rocks

After breakfast its all aboard your hire / rental Motorhome. for a wonderful day of exploration in Scotland. From the little villages and gentle scenery of the southern part of the island the views will change dramatically as the Cuillin Hills come into sight. Considered by many to be amongst the finest hills in Britain the Cuillins present a vista that is simply unforgettable.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

A view of Scotland in the Motorhome

Set round its natural harbour the picturesque town of Portree of Scotlands island’s largest community. The name of the town means the “King’s Port” following a visit by King James V in 1540. Today the pretty painted houses which surround the harbour give Portree an old fashioned appeal. During the stop there will be time to explore the town and browse the interesting shops that surround Sumerled Square.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Motorhome parked up in cotland

The next part of your excursion in your hire / rental Motorhome is to the famed Trotternish Peninsula. From Portree we travel northwards to the little port of Uig from where ferries sail to the Outer Herbrides. At little Kilmuir park your motorhome there is a monument to Flora MacDonald who, famously, assisted Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from the troops that were hunting him by sailing him “over the sea to Skye” disguised as her maid.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Loch view in the Motorhome

Stop your Motorhome to explore The Quiraing, a dramatic terrain formed by a massive landslide. Here you can walk through a landscape that dates from Jurassic times and as you do see if you can identify the rock formations whosedescriptions are the “Needle”, “Table” and “Prison”. A short drive brings us to Kilt Rock, so named because the basalt columns of this rock fall to resemble the pleats of a kilt – it’s well worth the effort to snap an “I was there” photograph!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Wild deer Scotland

Your tour in your  hire / rental Motorhome.  will return us to Portree then we retrace our steps back to the mainland and through scenic Glen Shiel, once more. Our home for tonight is by the shores of mysterious Loch Ness.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Isle of Skye Scotland


Experience Touring Scotland in a Hire Motorhome

Experience the freedom and luxury of a Motorhome Hire in Scotland and the United Kingdom.  The Motorhome hire / rental holiday is a truly unique experience, giving you the freedom and independence to explore Scotland at your own pace without compromising on luxury.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Your Hire / Rental Motorhome

Explore the best that the Scotland has to offer with the flexibility to go anywhere, anytime and all at your own pace in your Hire / rental Motorhome.  You’re free to choose your own route, mapping out where and when you want to travel.  Stay an extra day or leave a day early, the choice is yours!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Snow Capped Mountains Scotland


When considering Motorhome Hire / Rental in Scotland, consider Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire.  We provide excellent value for money.  For your safety, our Motorhomes are maintained and serviced to the highest standard ensuring that you have a smooth and stress free Motorhome Hire / Rental touring experience.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

A Beach in Scotland

Our Motorhomes have been designed with “easy driving” in mind and include such features as power steering, spacious leg room and swivel chairs for both driver and front passenger.  Our motorhomes are prepared to the highest standard before each hire, and is fully equipped for the ultimate in Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire

Motorhome Rental Scotland

on the Beach in a motorhome in Scotland


Whether you’re looking for the solitude of the Scotlands highlands, the rugged beauty of the Jurassic coast, a short break with Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire in Scotland , your choice of inspiring destinations is unlimited and Sun Motorhome Hire provides the perfect solution to your Motorhome hire needs.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Sunset Scotland


One of the most exciting, affordable and practical ways to see the Scotland is by motorhome hire / rental.  Discover the dramatic and changing landscapes at your own pace.  Whether you decide to travel around or remain in one place, our motorhomes are well equipped to give you that choice and flexibility.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Wild Dear Scotland

Our motorhomes provide you with the experience of freedom that only motorhome hire /rental can provide and all within one of the world’s top motorhome hire / rental destinations.  Motorhome Hire in Scotland around the United Kingdom is a great option for families, couples and friends.



Motorhome Rental Scotland

Although relatively small, Scotland is a land rich in contrasts. Often within a few hours easy travelling in your Hire / rental motorhome, you can experience a landscape that changes rapidly from gentle rolling hills to rugged coasts and dramatic, towering peaks. Elsewhere, you’ll discover vibrant, dynamic cities and towns whose outlook is definitely to the future rubbing shoulders with Scottish ancient castles and monuments rooted firmly in the past. But if the cosmopolitan pace gets too much, you’re never far from the peace and tranquillity of sandy beaches, country parks and outstanding nature reserves all within easy reach in your Hire / rental motorhome. In fact, the only constant is the warmth of the welcome you’ll receive wherever you go!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Views in Scotland

And for such a compact country, Scotland offers an amazing variety of things to do and see  in your Hire / rental motorhomeIts cities are all modern, dynamic and thriving centres, each with a distinctive character of its own but which all guarantee their visitors a vibrant mix of history, culture and entertainment, stirred together with some of the best retail therapy in the UK! Scotland also boasts a year-round calendar of events that cater for every enthusiasm: art, music, food and drink, history, sport to name but a few – in fact, if they can think of a reason to gather like-minded individuals together in your Hire / rental motorhome , the Scots will celebrate it and invite their visitors to join them!

Motorhome Rental Scotland

A view from your Motorhome

Whatever your reason for visiting these pages, be it that you are considering a motorhome vacation, holiday or are simply looking for information, then hopefully you will find it here. If there is any information you would like to see on these pages, then feel free to e-mail scottishtourer motorhome hire who are actual resident in Scotland.

Scotland has a wealth of museums and attractions many of which are attempting a meaningful online presence. This is just some of those.

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Our Hire / Rental Motorhome


PLACES TO VIST in your Hire / rental motorhome

Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions.
This site contains “Over five hundred key sites, who are committed to providing a quality service to the visitor. The attractions range from Historic Buildings to modern Science Centres throughout Scotland”

National Museum of Rural Life
This is a treasure house of objects and documentary evidence, covering not only farming to the 1950s, but also the trades that supported farming and the social and economic life of the countryside.Scotland wecomes you in your Hire / rental motorhome

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Scotlands Veiws

Armed Forces Museum
A bit of a disappointment. The site is not very informative and is not particularly in depth. However if you wish a brief history then this is the place to go.

Culzean Castle
Culzean Castle whilst being a castle is also a very good museum housing some excellent exhibits, for example a very good Eisenhower exhibition dating from W.W. II Details are a little brief though.

Discovery Point
This is the site of Discovery Point in Dundee where the sailing ship is berthed. This ship took Scott to the Antarctic. Well laid out but the graphics can be a little annoying.

Glendale Museum
Glendale Toy Museum Award winning visitor attraction on the Isle of Skye now reopened after a massive fire in 2002

Motorhome Rental Scotland

Enjoy the View

Hunterian Museum
The Hunterian, beside Glasgow University, is the oldest public museum in Scotland. The Web site is excellent with sections on a range of exhibits including the Romans in Scotland, dinosaurs and fossils.

John Paul Jones Museum
This is the site commemorating the birthplace of J.P. Jones, founder of the American Navy. Good biographical details without being too “academic”. The ships bell sound is a nice touch.

National Museum of Scotland
This is an extensive, illustrated description of the various National Museums including The Royal Museum and The Museum of Scotland which opened on St Andrew’s Day, 30 November 1998, beside the current Royal Museum.

National Trust for Scotland
This is the official site but to be honest it is rather disappointing in terms of graphics. It is however highly informative about the subject areas it does cover.

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre 
SECC is a large scale conference and event centre. It also provides a fully computerised Box Office which currently handles more than a quarter of a million tickets each year for events at the SECC and – through SECC Xtra – for events at other venues throughout Scotland.

Sensation Dundee is the only UK science centre based on the five senses. It attempts to bring science to life in dozens of imaginative ways.

Tayside- A Maritime History
This is a wonderful site even if you are not particularly interested in seafaring. It is well laid out and has several good search facilities such as famous heroes, maps and tours. Well worth a look

Accessories for your Hire / rental Motorhome in Scotland

Must have motorhome accessories and equipment – What equipment and accessories should be included in the rental price of a hire / rental motorhome in Scotland?

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Enjoy the view, Scotland

Motorhome air conditioning

If you are hiring a motorhome in the summer months or visiting a hot country in your motorhome, then air conditioning is a must not a should.  Air conditioning is pretty standard in motorhomes these days and should be included automatically within the rental price.  On very hot days motorhome air conditioning is a life saver!However its unlikely you would need this in your hire / rental motorhome in Scotland

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Motorhome Hire in Scotland

Motorhome entertainment

The latest models of motorhome tend to be very up to date when it comes to entertainment, with Free-view TV, DVD and iPod connectors all fitted and usually included within the motorhome hire/ rental price.  Flat-screen TV, digital broadcasting and ipods are the future of motorhome entertainment and many motorhomes have digital Free-view aerials; 12 volt flat screen TVs and integrated DVD players as standard these days. Movies can be watched on the journey, but obviously not by the driver of the motorhome! Most motorhome hire / rental companies install the home entertainment in the living rooms and bedrooms of a motorhome for your convenience. Its some parts normal tv is not available hire / rental motorhome in Scotland

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Motorhome bike racks (optional)

You really should consider taking bikes with you on your motorhome holiday as you will have the time and opportunity to see beautiful countryside and sights easily this way – and you can get fit at the same time!  Around 50% of motorhome hire holiday makers take their bikes with them on their motorhome holidays.  Fiamma bike racks are a popular choice and are designed to take up-to 4 bikes, these towbars are lightweight and make it easy to fit your bikes on to the back of your hire / rental motorhome in Scotland

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Castle Scotland

Motorhome cooking facilities

Do you want a full English breakfast or French croissants for you breakfast?  Then your hire / rental motorhome should have all the essential kitchen appliances you need for food warming and cooking food.  Most rental motorhomes have gas powered kitchen combination ovens that can carry out all the cooking task’s that you would be able to do at home.

Motorhome Rental in Scotland

Overlooking Beach Scotland

We hope you found this article informative and that it helps you find the right hire / rental motorhome for your holiday – have a great motorhome hire / rental experience from the Holiday motorhome hire team! Here at

Buy Or Hire / Rent a Motorhome in Scotland


Motorhome Hire Scotland

Wild Camping Scotland

Whether you’re buying or hiring a motorhome, there are both advantages and disadvantages of each. Each interested consumer can choose which option is best for himself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying

Motorhome Hire Scotland

On the Ferry to Harris Scotland

You may enjoy driving and owning a motorhome because you travel a lot and stay at many different hotels. When you own a motorhome, you have the freedom to put as much mileage on it as you desire without being penalized with extra mileage charges. You also have an asset that you can’t obtain when you hire. In good economic times, this asset can stay current with its financial value in terms of appreciation and inflation rates. When you own, you can also add whatever types of accessories you want to the motorhome because it’s all yours.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome on the Beach Scotland

You can even change its colour by painting it if you wish, which you can’t do with a motorhome for hire. One big disadvantage is that it’s going to cost you much more money upfront to purchase the motorhome than it would to simply hire one. And then you will also probably have continuing monthly payments that you have to make on time or else the financial institution that made you the loan can repossess the motorhome, even if you own it. This can put much added stress and financial pressure on the owner of a motorhome and is definitely a disadvantage.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Motorhome Beach on Lewis, Scotland

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring / Rent a Motorhome

When you hire / rent a Motorhome, you save much more money than if you owned a motorhome, because you’re charged based on both the type of motorhome and the distance you’ll be traveling in it. People who hire / rent a Motorhome usually are only driving to one specific location at a time, so they have far less money to put down in terms of securing the rights to actually use and drive the motorhome. But when you hire / rent a Motorhome, you can’t fix up the motorhome the way you want by adding any new accessories that are permanent because it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the motorhome / rental  company.

Motorhome Hire Scotland

Orkney Scotland

Another disadvantage of motorhome hire / rental is that you’re charged sometimes a daily rate instead of a mileage rate, and this can add up by being quite substantial depending on the specific hiring company and type of motorhome you choose. An advantage of hiring is that you’re not financially responsible for the maintenance and repair of the motorhome. The hire / rent company is. This can save you a lot of money if you do a lot of hiring over the course of several years. Owners of motorhomes have to pay for all the servicing costs that the mechanic charges in order to keep their motorhome in top running condition. But by hiring, you can almost always get a much wider selection of motorhomes to choose from to take your trips at prices far lower than if you bought and owned an upscale, high end model as well.